Reina Roja, the first Spanish blockbuster …: how Amazon will deal with streaming in 2022


Prime Videos, streaming platform Amazon, presented the news to the press in the TV series and movies this year 2022, the year that, after the hardships and delays of the pandemic, will be the final setting of the entertainment giant. The action was carried out with all the security measures that, believe me, stood out for their very existence at that time.

The event, presented by journalist Juan Sanguino, was attended by employees of a large company, from Jennifer Falke, head of research, to Georgia Brown, leader of Amazon Originals at the European level. Intention Amazon is to stand out from the great competition in streaming With unbeatable value for money and the multitude of services offered by Amazon, a company that goes beyond streaming and producing original content.

Maria Jose Rodriguez, responsible for the original production of Amazon in Spain, summarized the great novelties of Prime Video in terms of fiction: four series and two films, a number perhaps less than the competition – there was no need to mention which one – but characterized by his “commitment Spanish Industry ”and, above all, the quality of each of these products.

The first bell content presented at an event held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid, Tomorrow today… A comedy with elements of science fiction directed by Nacho Veligli, one of the main directors Seven lives, starring Javier Gutierrez and Carmen Machi. The family travels during summer time from 91 to 2022, which will help those in charge to make a comedy about how much the life of the Spanish has changed during this period of time. Apart from the obvious link to Back to the future, this film about the shift from analog to digital is based on the idea suggested by the journalistic headline: Spain, along with China, the country that has changed the most and fastest culturally and technologically in the last 40 years.

Second Amazon Original Movie Awarenesswho was born with the goal of becoming the first Spanish blockbuster. Film directed by Daniel Benmayor (Brook, Extremo) Is an action and sci-fi thriller, which did not spare money and which is aimed at ridding Spanish literature of the complexes associated with these heroic stories. Awareness, starring a young man, able to project images into the minds of others and haunted by various parties, was born with the intention of creating his own expanded universe (i.e. sequels) and respecting the cultural identity of the industry that created it. These are really two different sides, I would say.

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Bomb “Red Queen” and 4 series Amazon

The first of four original Prime Video series on its own Red Queen… The adaptation of the Juan Gomez-Jurado novel series is responsible for transforming Antonia Scott’s adventures into characters that have sold 10 million copies in total in the country’s bookstores. “I love cinema so much that I speak very clearly,” said a writer who attended the event. Those in charge of the series promise that for this reason, every chapter will have at least one iconic moment that will be remembered by the audience.

Another scoop was Farad (tentative title), a true-to-life TV series set in colorful 80s Marbella. The aim of its creators, Mariano Barroso and Alejandro Hernandez, is to acquaint the viewer with the latest blows of the Cold War, but from a point of view, at the same time alien and special, from the Marbella region and the family of arms dealers that give the product its name. In addition to vintage reproduction and nostalgia, Barroso promises a story of growing up at home, but in an almost Hollywood setting, still largely unknown. A glimpse of a piece of crime fiction Spanish history that a filmmaker does so well Tomorrow D Wolves of Washington

Private bussiness This is the third film in the Prime Video series. The play Bambú, which brings together two disparate characters like Aura Garrido and Jean Reno, she is a lady from the high society of the 40s, and he is her butler, both at the time began their pursuit of a serial killer in Galicia. The series, which was influenced by Philomena and the pandemic, has the flavor of a delusional adventure comedy that will use the comic side of the protagonist. The show’s crew, including Garrido herself, highlighted the courage and dedication of 72-year-old Jean Reno in organizing filming outside his home country at the height of his health crisis.

Left No trace, a series that is also an action comedy, but in a completely different setting. Carolina Yuste and Camila Sodi are two cleaning ladies, the first Mexican and the second a gypsy, who find what they have to find while cleaning the mansion of the richest family in Alicante. This is followed by “western paella”, which reveals the peculiarities of Alicante’s corruption, making the most of its breathtaking desert landscape.

Maria Jose Rodriguez finally highlighted how well the first Spanish products were received by the platform’s international community through programs such as laughing out loud or Celebrities bake – first arrived due to a shorter production period – to works of art such as El Sid.

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