‘Reflect’, Disney’s first short with a plus-size heroine


Hillary Bradfieldthe director of reflect, opened up about the positive reaction his short film for Disney got. The animated proposal has as its protagonist a great ballet dancer, who fights against all the difficulties that arise from having this physique in a world of light and graceful bodies. Something that leads him to literally fight with the monster that is in the reflection of the mirror in which he looks at himself, the one he manages to overcome, giving a spectacular performance.

‘Think’ (Disney)

The short was praised by many due to its portrayal, as it is the first time The House of Mouse has used a character of non-canonical proportions as a female protagonist. For this reason, the director made a point of thanking, in a recent interview granted to Metro, the very good reception he had reflect: “Just seeing how people connect with the short is very special because I put so much into it and so many of the crew did the same; they really put a lot of their personal stories into it. in there, so it was incredibly meaningful.”, said the filmmaker. Separately, Bradfield said she also received support from people in the dance industry, which made her feel even more proud. “I got some very heartfelt messages from young dancers, and it was very meaningful, and then, it almost came out of nowhere, there was all this attention on him, and I was like, ‘Wow , it’s awesome! Oh my God, people are watching, they’re watching our little two-minute movie! It’s amazing!'”went on to explain the director, who grew up practicing competitive figure skating and who, at that time, also used ballet as a complementary workout.

‘Think’ (Disney)

Therefore, Bradfield deducted for reflect in the idea of get discouraged, faced with the fact that a very relevant part of performing arts and sports is looking in the mirror and judging one’s posture, especially in a situation in the ballet hall, where everyone is wearing the same uniform and where reflection is part of disciplinary learning. Disney spent several years trying to integrate a racial variety in their productions and now it also looks like he plans to do the same with the distorted reality of faces and bodies present in society.

reflect is available to watch on Disney+, as part of the short circuit. A collection of experimental animated shorts made by Disney.


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