Reds pitcher Graham Ashcraft found a loophole after the referee forced him to remove his wedding ring


Cincinnati Reds jug Graham Ashcraft wasn’t happy to know what’s new MLB the rule forbidding players from wearing any kind of hand attachment also applies to his wedding ring.

During Saturday’s game against Milwaukee Brewersa foreign matter check in the first inning showed that the umpire forced Ashcraft to remove a rubber wedding band from under his glove.

Ashcraft was skeptical of the request, asking the judge when the new rule was introduced.

MLB starts to enforce new rule

Major League Baseball issued an advisory earlier this week to inform teams that the new rule would apply.

In his post-match interview, Ashcraft explained the situation with the referee, making it clear that he had no idea what MLB introduced a new rule.

“He said, ‘You have to take off the ring,'” Ashcraft said. “I thought, ‘No, why should I take the ring off? I shouldn’t have.’ Apparently, yesterday they came up with some new rule.

Graham Ashcraft finds a loophole

Ashcraft was not going to perform without a wedding ring and found loophole to keep your valuable possession on it while you play.

The pitcher hung his wedding ring on his necklace, but unfortunately the game didn’t go his way.

24-year-old Ashcraft allowed eight hits and six runs of the season in Cincinnati’s 7-3 loss to Milwaukee.


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