RED offers two fiber bundles at a low price, no commitment required! – Zimo News

With these two fiber packages, Red Offers one of the best fiber products on the market. Priced at 23 or 30 euros, plus a free month with no commitments, these offers will come to the minds of even the most hesitant.

efficient, RED by SFR fiber optic package is priced at 23 euros per month and one month subscription Provided, we repeat it, without obligation.

For this price, you’ll enjoy 1 Gb/s download and 500 Mb/s upload.But if your insatiable thirst for speed asks for more, know that for an extra €7 you can get 2Gbps Maximum throughput, supports WiFi 6 technology as a bonus.

Let’s summarize what’s on offer SFR red For fiber optics, valid quotes Until May 15th :

  • 1Gbps download and 500Mbps Upload €23, or 2Gbps / 500 Mb/s, WiFi 6, EUR 30 per month
  • Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in mainland France and overseas sectors
  • Unlimited landline calls to over 100 international destinations
  • TV package with 35 channels to watch on computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Buy a TV decoder for 29 euros (instead of 60 euros) to watch channels on your TV
  • Access 100 additional channels for €3 per month
  • SFR Cloud: includes 100GB of cloud storage

Red by SFR 1 Gb/s fiber subscription is priced at EUR 23 per month or 2Gb/s, EUR 30 per monthin both cases a free one-month subscription.

We should also point out other fiber optic products offered by competitors such as
sosh Only 19.99 euros per month One year without commitment and 300 Mb/s upload and download speeds. but also Bouygues Telecom Bbox fit offer for €15.99 per month 400 Mb/s download and 400 Mb/s download for one year.Or finally, quote free box Revolution, €19.99 per month One year, 1 Gb/s download, 600 Mb/s upload, and integrated streaming options (Canal TV, Canal Series 1 year, Prime Video 6 months, etc.).

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