Record-breaking Sabonis leads Pacers to smashing win over Utah Jazz


Indiana Pacers wanted to get a win for a change against the Utah Jazz on Saturday night, they had been struggling to get one with six straight losses. The last time they won was against the Houston Rockets back in December 23, 2021. As far as the Utah Jazz goes, they are not doing terribly and even have a chance to make it to the playoffs. However, they have also been wildly inconsistent with 3 defeats and four wins over theis last 7 games. Visiting other teams in the league doesn’t tend to go well with Donovan Mitchell and company. But the visiting team wasn’t ready for what was about to happen from Lithuanian-American Domantas Sabonis.

As the game progressed, it became more and more evident that Sabonis was on a roll with the Pacers. Donovan Mitchell had a great evening with an impressive 36 points this evening in Indiana. However, Domantas Sabonis had an staggering career-high 42 points by the end of the game. In the end, the Pacers won 125-113 with this historic performance from Sabonis, who was all smiles throughout the entire game. Not every day does an NBA star get to break his own career-high point record. Sabonis will savour this night for the rest of his life while still aiming for improvement.

What’s next for Pacers and Jazz?

After tonight’s win, the Indiana Pacers break a negative 6-game streak while still holding a 15-25 record. They will have to struggle to get a second straight victory when they visit the Boston Celtics at TD Garden next Monday. Despite tonight’s defeat, Utah Jazz sit with a comfortable 28-12 record. They also rest for a day before making a trip to Detroit to face the Pistons on Monday. What we gather from tonight’s evening was that historic night from Sabonis. But Donovan Mitchell was also quite impressive tonight and he shouldn’t be ignored.


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