Reconquest begins in Trostyanets: Ukraine takes back territory from Russia around Kyiv


back 33 days of war The Russian offensive and the Ukrainian counteroffensive continue. Some cities and others are changing hands, although verification isn’t always easy. But on Monday, the United States was able to confirm that Ukrainian forces had recaptured the city. Trostinetslocated east of Kyiv, 400 kilometers from the capital.

“Ukrainians are trying to regain lost ground” A senior U.S. defense official explained. These types of actions by Zelensky’s army are important because the Kremlin continues to concentrate forces around Kyiv despite Putin’s declaration that the Donbas region is once again a priority for Russia.

The Ukrainian army also claimed They liberated the city of Irpin, located in Kyiv Oblast, less than 50 kilometers from the city. It has been announced by Mayor Oleksandr Markushin. But this information has not been confirmed by independent sources.

According to the Ukrainian news portal, “Irpin is free from the terror of Russia. The glory of Ukraine” was the message of the mayor Ukraine formHowever, Markusin warned his citizens against trying to return for now, “as the situation remains very dangerous.”

The city is considered the gateway to Kyiv and is the site of heavy fighting between Russian and Ukrainian troops trying to reach the capital.

Russia’s advance stalled over the weekend before Moscow announced that the first phase of the military operation had ended and that it would now focus on “liberating” the eastern Donbass from the country.

‘Putin must fail’

The British government believes that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “must fail”, a Downing Street spokesman said on Monday.

ukrainian leader Vladimir ZelenskyOn Monday, he said he was willing to make a series of concessions to Russia to end the conflict, while signaling he wanted to ensure his country’s “territorial integrity.”

On the eve of another meeting between negotiators from the two sides on Tuesday, Boris Johnson “believes that Putin must fail in Ukraine and his sovereignty must be restored,” according to an official British spokesman.

An image of a military vehicle destroyed in an attack by Russian troops in Trostianets.


The chief executive of London also insisted that Britain would support Ukraine’s negotiating position. “Obviously, it will be up to President Zelensky and the Ukrainian government to decide on the appropriate approach in the negotiations. We will support them in this regard,” the spokesman stressed.

In this regard, he added “The UK or any other country cannot impose its will on the Ukrainian government Regarding what he should accept in these negotiations”. In response to recent remarks by US President Joe Biden that Putin “cannot stay in power”, the official UK spokesman noted that “it is up to the Russians (to decide) who has to rule.” “

The situation in Odessa

The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Odessa, Gennadii Trukhanov, is well aware of what some Odessaans are suspicious of because of their pro-Russian reputation. “I don’t think (the Russian invasion) will happen, but I’m not going to work with them, I’m not going to work with the new regime, that’s pretty clear.”

Trukhanov created an independent party after joining the pro-Russian Party of Regions, he explained in an interview Eph Odessa, a strategic and monumental city threatened by Russian troops, is now peaceful, he said.

The friendly-looking Muay Thai expert came to the interview in military uniform from top to bottom after revealing the latest events in Odessa at a press conference.Been preparing for eventual Russian occupation for weeks but now it only suffered a few missile strikes in the suburbsThere are no victims.

Its city council amassed supplies, set up shelters, and kept hospitals running day and night, but it also decided to trick the war with beauty and humor: it will plant more than 1,800 flowers in its flower beds, and it will organize a comedy show in April 1 just like it As is done every year in its famous festival “Humarina”.

It was Odessa that became famous in Ukraine and throughout the former Soviet Union for the sense of humor of its inhabitants. “When our country is at war, humor is a weapon we can use”Trukhanov said he quantified the number of residents fleeing a city of one million households at 200,000. He said it was a steady outflow figure as some returned and some continued to leave.

Odessa is also known for its 19th-century classic and modernist architecture, its Baroque opera and the long staircase leading to Ukraine’s largest port, the mayor asked to speed up the process for UNESCO protection, he explained.

He hopes this will deter Russian troops from attacking it easily, not from the ground, but from the air. “We are ready not only to defend our region, but to attack. We are very aware of the danger from air and missiles,” he said.

He hoped Russian troops would not pass over neighboring Mykolev, a fortress city that withstood their advance some 150 kilometers east. While they haven’t sounded this Monday, sirens are warning the Odyssit two or three times a day of airstrikes that may not have taken place in their center. Coinciding with one of these, tracer ammunition is usually heard and seen in the sky at dusk.

Still, the mayor assured “the city is calm now: we didn’t explode, We are calm, despite the constant pressure.”.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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