Recommendations of Female Lawyers in Pakistan For Lawsuit

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Female Lawyers in Pakistan and Recommendations:

This is just the beginning. Much more needs to be done to get the priority they deserve and get them translated into meaningful laws, policies, and actions through female lawyers in Pakistan. The laws of a country establish the fundamental relationship between the State and the citizen and the rights and obligations between citizens themselves. If the laws either directly or by implication maintain half the population – the women’s half – in an unequal or subordinate status, no equal development can occur. ADV Nazia Ali is the Expert Lawyer in Lahore & Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for Services of All Kind of Case. Now Choose the Female Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan & Lawyers in Lahore for legal Matters.

Primary Purpose:

His primary purpose of the law is to provide justice, and if the laws of the country fail to ensure equality or reflect the principles of equity, they have failed in their purpose of delivering justice. While laws are not a complete answer to social injustices and inequities, they can set the standards, establish the principles and translate these into effective and enforceable legal provisions. Laws supply the concrete foundation on which the super-structure of further social action can be raised. The Commission of female lawyers in Pakistan is thus aware that its task cannot be restricted to suggesting just a few cosmetic changes within the existing legislative framework. This would benefit women only marginally.

Meaningful Progress:

Real and meaningful progress requires a new vision. A vision that views women’s equality with men in dignity and in rights which regards any acceptance of equality not as a favor or indulgence granted. But as a prolonged and cruel injustice at last undone, which treats affirmative action as a necessary means of reversing centuries of discrimination and imbalance, not as a privilege or concession, which redefines the concept of equality, keeping in mind the unique needs of women as their right, and which explores new and imaginative strategies to make the vision a workable reality. While the Commission’s vision may have been utopian, and it has made every effort not to compromise on principle, its strategy has generally been to seek to promote positive change through suitable modifications in existing laws, mechanisms, and institutions.

Recommended Female Lawyers in Pakistan:

However desirable, the recommendations of female lawyers in Pakistan for drastic changes and interventions may have other repercussions in the existing scenario, and suggestions for setting up new institutions inevitably get postponed, especially if a substantial financial outlay is involved. However, where the Commission of female lawyers in Pakistan has felt that there is no alternative to recommending radical changes or establishing new institutions, it has done so without hesitation. The element of foremost importance now is political commitment to an egalitarian society on a sustained basis. Unfortunately, that has been the missing link so far.


The Commission has been quite clear in terms of its approach to preparing the report. The members agreed at the start that they would keep their inquiry and recommendations strictly objective. They would not allow political, social, or cultural expediency or thought of possible agitated propaganda and pressurization by sections of people to influence their honest judgment. The report had to be based on ethical principles and what could be done to effectively concretize these principles. There will always be controversy on issues of rights.

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