Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction


  • A source close to the Rebecca Jones family revealed that Alejandro Camacho admitted his son Max against his will to a rehabilitation center.

  • Rebecca Jones and Alejandro Camacho are very worried about Max, who has become depressed after his mother’s health condition.

Sadly we discovered that when rebecca jones, 63, fell ill with cancer in 2018, one of those most affected by the news was his 33-year-old son Maximiliano, who fell into a deep depression and fell into alcoholism and drug addiction. And now, after Rebecca’s relapse in recent months, her mood has gotten so bad that her father, Alexander Camacho, 69, still against his will, admitted him to a rehabilitation center to help him get ahead. A close friend of the family told us about the difficult situation they are experiencing.

-Is it true that Max, the son of Rebecca Jones, has a terrible addiction to alcohol and drugs?
“It is very sad to accept it, but that is the way things are, and this situation has worsened in recent months, but since Max found out in 2018 that his mother was ill with ovarian cancer, at an advanced stage, he began to take without control , even when taking drugs”.

“Yes. He adores his mother, and the thought that he could lose her has plunged him into depression, wanting to live ‘anaesthetized’, without facing reality. But he has also tried everything, he has taken all kinds of drugs and he is doing very badly , so much so that his father opted for something that Max does not forgive him and apparently neither does Rebecca.

-What are you talking about?
“Alejandro, although he does not say it, is also depressed about Rebecca’s health and is also very concerned to see how his son is wasting away. It hurts him that being so young he is so depressed, that he has neglected himself to the point of looking like a bum. His addictions have led him to not bathe, sleep all day, eat nothing or even not eat at all.

-And when did you enter it?
“When Rebecca had a relapse and was admitted for a lung problem on November 2; A few days later, on the 6th, Alejandro was forcibly admitted to a psychiatric institution to help him overcome his addiction, although Maximiliano is already a man, he is 33 years old and he was furious, he resisted, but they went to his apartment. to take him to the rehabilitation center in a psychiatric ambulance, I suppose sedated”.

-And what happened next?
“Well, apparently the decision to hospitalize him was worse because it made Max more rebellious and unstable. When her mother got cancer, Max was very close to her throughout her treatment. If she was not present, they communicated by video call or Instagram. This year, since her mother was hospitalized, even though she did not visit her every day, he kept an eye on her health and when he entered the rehabilitation center he was completely incommunicado. Can you imagine the anguish of not knowing how your mother is, if she is torn between life and death and he locked up and incommunicado?

-Was it a desperate act of Alejandro?
“Maybe, but I don’t think it’s malicious. He is very worried about seeing how his son is doing and he thought that the best thing would be to put him in therapy against addictions in a specialized institution, but everything turned out worse.

“Because Max’s resentment towards his father grew, and it is that, it was not known, when Alejandro and Rebecca were together, he supposedly hit her and from there his son took a lot of courage, and although of course, he cannot bear it, he continues to receive money of the.”

Why do you say that? he does not work?
“Max studied abroad for eight years, he is an excellent musician, teaches piano and is a prestigious DJ, his success in Europe was very important. Obviously, that environment is surrounded by vices, but he saw the vices in his own house from before, and also the abandonment. Unfortunately, it is the result of what it is now.”

Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction

-What are you talking about?
“He does not work and lives at the expense of his parents and they are both super worried. For Rebeca it is something very difficult, not only because of her delicate state of health, but because it distresses her to see that he is in those conditions and that if she, hopefully not, is missing from her, he does not know what will become of her. him and above all, because she knows that her relationship with her father is worse than ever and hers with Alejandro, don’t even tell her, she doesn’t want to hear or know anything about him.

-And what does Alejandro say?
“He is sad, worried, but he is very proud and he does not want to appear weak, but he is vulnerable. It hurts him that her son, in the prime of his youth, lives like this and that she resents him so much. Max despises him, he doesn’t call him a ‘rucky’, ‘an old jerk…’ He’s super angry, but he still gets his help, because he pays the rent and helps him financially, and not only him but his mom.”

Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction
-In fact?
“Yes, he has offered his help if you need it. In the case of Max. the internment in Margaritas cost him a fortune, just to admit it; a deposit of thousands of pesos and then the daily stay of about 2 thousand pesos, which didn’t help him at all either.”

-Why what are you saying?
“First, because he did not last two weeks in the place, he was admitted on November 6 and around November 20 his father had to take him out because of Rebeca’s claim that he could not believe what he had done. In addition, during the stay he remained in total rebellion and refused to do the therapies, he came out talking bad about the place ”.

-And what happened next?
“Unfortunately, Rebecca couldn’t be home for a day and that’s when she had to be readmitted because she couldn’t breathe. So Max left the rehab center and went to see her for a few days in the hospital. That made him very sad because his mother has been delicate; Fortunately, last week she was discharged again ”.

Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction

-Max was able to be with her again?
“Yes; in fact, a few days ago he went to see her, to talk to her about important things, but as is the custom between them, they fight and then Max returns to his apartment. By the way, he took the opportunity to take some ‘pacifiers’ from Max’s house. Rebecca, and food to have something in her apartment”.

Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction

Do you know what they talked about?
“Well, not exactly, but I know that she asked him to please control his addiction to alcohol, to wash, to eat; be okay so she can be okay.”

-And he did?
“Well, Max promised him he would, and yes, at least he’s already had a bath, trimmed his beard, even changed into clean clothes. It was definitely good for him to be with his mom, to be honest.”

-Rebecca had pneumonia? Was it the cause of her hospitalization?
“Yes, he had a lung problem, but the truth is that they are sequelae of the chemotherapies he received. He has respiratory distress. Chemotherapy cures one thing and cleanses another. Since she is alone, she made a whole mess with Max ”.

Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction

-Speaking of Rebecca in the hospital, do you have to pay all the expenses?
“So far, yes, but if you need it, you will have Alejandro’s support, I know he offered it to you.”

– Does the love you had for him move you?
“Yes, between the good and the bad, they still love each other, but it is more pride than love. When they meet, it’s awkward, but their appearance gives them away. They both have a very strong character and are very proud, and she, even if she is sick, does not give up on anything ”.

– Do you know if Rebecca has a will?
“I understand that yes, surely everything in favor of Max.”

Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction

-How long ago did Max return to Mexico?
“Since her mom got sick in 2018, and then because of the COVID pandemic, she has already stayed here.”

“And have you been depressed ever since?”
“Yes, he has been very lonely. Part of Alejandro’s mortification is that if something happens to Rebecca, her son could get worse, something irreparable could happen to her. In the end, he and Rebecca have already lived through their glory years, but his son is still so young and has fallen into his twenties that perhaps his selfishness, just to live for his career, caused him to be abandoned as a a pope”.

-And why doesn’t Max live with his dad?, doesn’t he want to?
“I think not, although I don’t know if he has proposed it.”

-So during the days that Max was in the clinic there was no progress?
“No nothing. As he told you, he did not lend himself to anything. He says that they treated him very badly, that it was horrible, that he will never forgive his father for putting him there,” he concluded.

To enter this place, a guarantee deposit of 20,000 pesos is requested, and the payment for a week in advance is 12,180 pesos (1,740.00 pesos per day).

Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction
-Shared room (maximum 4 people per room).
-Nursing service 24 hours.
-Individual, group and occupational therapy with clinical psychologists.
– Addiction counseling sessions.
-Didactic material for their activities.
-Zumba and tai chi classes.

Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction

Two years after beating cancer, she was diagnosed again with this disease, and that is how we saw her go to the hospital for treatment.

Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction

We found out she was starting chemotherapy again, but she turned her attention to work, a play, and plans for a novel.

Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction

It was reported that he was suffering from a respiratory illness and was in intensive care. Her friends took care of her and she asked not to lose her job in the novel Cabo.

Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction

Although the producer José Alberto Castro wanted to wait for her and she asked him to, he had to replace her, since the actress must continue to take care of her health.

Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction


Rebecca Jones clings to life to save her son from addiction

  • They fell in love when they worked together on Cuna de lobos and made at least eight more soap operas.
  • They were married in 1986 and divorced in 2011, after 25 years. They had Maximiliano, who is a professional musician and DJ.
  • Rebecca assured that she did not see Alejandro because that is why they had divorced.
  • Alejandro has said that he still loves her, but that it is a transformed love.


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