Real Madrid’s Bermuda Triangle continues to challenge rivals and a new generation


FROMCarlo Ancelotti taught us many football and life lessons in his press conferences. A little over a year ago in Vitoria I tagged Nacho Fernandez as a pessimistic defense.

Then after match against Juventus in Los Angeles this summer italian coach named RealMadridmidfield trident after urban legend.

“I’m calling Casemiro, [Toni] Kroos as well as [Luka] modric Bermuda Triangle, because the ball disappears in their part of the field,” Ancelotti said.

in RealMadrid the coach belongs to a generation that grew up on books and films about the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships in the triangle formed by Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the coast of Miami.

He mentioned that paranormal event after a 2-0 victory over juventus to highlight a unique midfield.

In hindsight, such nicknames were usually reserved for iconic strikers rather than the midfield trio, but RealMadridmidfield is one of the best in football history.

In fact, they have good reason to be considered the best, having led Los Blancos to four Champions League titles between 2016 and 2022.

Casemiro, Kroos and Modric remain important

In addition to the nickname Ancelotti warned those who asked for their immediate replacement that this was not his plan, regardless of talent Aurélien Chuameni, Eduardo Camavinga as well as Daniel Ceballos.

Vera Valverde This is a separate case, because the Uruguayan has already established himself in the starting XI in the last stretch of last season, playing on the right flank ahead of midfielders in a 4-3-3 formation.

No matter how much energy the rookies give to the team, they will not be able to take over the starting XI unless the aforementioned trio show signs of weakness.

In a match against juventus, modric, Kroos as well as Casemiro showed that they are not in the mood to sink to the bench.


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