Real Casino de Madrid 2022 Bullfighting Awards


Gala Concert for Outstanding Bullfighting Awards Royal Casino of Madrid brought together in this Madrid institution, located on Calle de Alcala, numerous figures of bullfighting journalism and the world of bullfighting.

The institution decided in an unusual way to present these prizes this year, which in previous editions were given only to subscribers. San Isidro Fair and because of the pandemic, they had to reinvent themselves. In this edition, the following awards were presented with the characteristic figure of a bull. The winners were awarded a bronze sculpture, a copy of “El Torito” by a famous French artist. Bonheur.

Institutional: bullfighting institutional support award community of madrid. Real Casino de Madrid expressed its gratitude to the Madrid administration and its leaders for their support of Fiesta and farmers during the most difficult moments of the pandemic.As President of the Community of Madrid, Isabelle Diaz Ayusois at the conference of presidents, which is taking place these days in La Palma, failed to receive an award.

He also admitted in this epigraph Fighting Bull Foundation to promote bullfighting telemadrid for its distribution. In recent years, regional education has significantly increased the number of bullfighting rebroadcasts compared to previous ones.

In the professional part, Real Casino Madrid made two special mentions. One to a professional career as a journalist Joseph Louis Carabias and one more 64 ranchers brave Community of Madrid.

The best bullfighter of Real Casino de Madrid is a Mexican. Isaac Fonseca, one of the top names in the junior rankings, winner of the FTL National Bullfighting League. The entity also recognizes the bullfighter. Fernando Adrian for his triumph at the 2021 Chenel Cup.

TO Hines Marine They awarded him for his memorable work on October 12, 2021, when he left through Puerta Grande after disrespecting Alcurrusen’s secretary at the Corrida de la Hispanidad. The bullfighter, who already has another “bull”, threatened to achieve a “full bullfight” with laughter throughout his career. Best job for Emil Justwhich passed through Madrid’s Puerta Grande twice in the short 2021 season. De Justo presented these days a poster of his Historical isolation in Las Ventas next April 10, Palm Sunday.

The Real Casino de Madrid Most Important Figure award went to Moorish from La Puebla that he had a historic season in 2021, including a great day at Las Ventas. Morante wants to make history this season as well, having already signed 100 contracts, including three afternoon matches in Madrid and six in Seville. Both the La Puebla del Río right-hander and Emilio de Justo were unable to attend the award ceremony.

In previous editions, teachers such as Antonio Ferrera in 2019; Alejandro Talavante in 2018; Hines Marine in 2017; Paco Urena in 2016; Sebastian Castella in 2015; Miguel Angel Perera in 2014; Alejandro Talavante again in 2013; in 2010 and 2012 the Triunfador de la Feria was declared invalid; José Maria Manzanares in 2011; Manuel Jesus “El Cid” in 2008, 2006 and 2005; Sebastian Castella in 2007; Matthias Tehela in 2004; José Pacheco “El Kalifa” in 2003 and 2000; Enrique Ponce in 2002; Rafael de Julia in 2001; José Thomas in 1999 and 1997; Eugenio de Mora in 1998; Victor Puerto in 1996, and already in 1995, recognition went to Cesar Rincon.

The bullfighting jury of these distinguished Real Casino de Madrid bullfighting awards included: Mr. Rafael Orbe Corsini as President; as secretary, Mr. Antonio Garcia González; and as members: Mr. Gerardo Seco Rodenas, Mr. Juan Francisco Hermida Gutiérrez, Mr. Francisco Carpintero López, Mr. Ángel González Jurado, Mr. Francisco Jiménez Martinez, Mr. Ignacio García Govantes, Mr. Mr. Rafael Sais Fraile, Mr. Ismael Fernandez de la Carrera, Mr. José Gonzalez Jimenez, Mr. Miguel Berrueso Hernandez and Mr. Lorenzo Simon López.


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