Ray Allen Fires Fan Who Claims LeBron James Is A GOAT, Not Michael Jordan


Fbefore NBA player Ray Allen a ventilator closing was recorded, which claimed that LeBron James was “GOAT“(Greatest of all time) more Michael Jordan.

Allen, 46, and James, 37, were teammates on Miami Heat and won the 2013 NBA title together against San Antonio Spurs.

One of the most successful shots of the series was Allen’s three-pointer, which led to the seventh game.

Despite the shared history, Allen still doesn’t give James the nod to be called the greatest. NBA player of all time.

Tyriek Weeksbasketball player in Commonwealth Academy in Rhode Island, shared a moment with his tik tak weekend bill.

Ray Allen on why LeBron James is NOT a GOAT

In the video, Wicks and Allen engage in the age-old James vs. James debate. Jordan.

“I have [James] can score and pass,” Weeks said.

“Is he good at throwing free kicks?” Allen asks. Is he a great 3-point shooter? Is he a great dribbler??”

After Wicks answered “no” to all three questions, Allen said, “So you say he’s a GOAT, but he’s not even the best in all categories.”

Allen then left, stating that Jordan is the real GOAT, and Weeks’ friends oohed and aahed.


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