Raquel Mosquera: Her amazing reaction to the Look exclusive sale


Raquel Mosquera said. After selling his house in Galapagal, The collaborators went a step further and decided to withdraw the advertisements from different Internet portals It appeared for a few months.A movement not neglected LookAccording to the page itself, it has noticed this sudden change, which will happen on October 25, 2021.As far as they are concerned, responsible Moskra They did not give any answer to the reason for the “disappearance” of the advertisement, although the protagonist himself has already given the answer.

This morning, Gtres’ camera met Raquel, and he He claimed that he did not sell his house “temporarily”Even so, he does not want to dispel the doubt about whether to continue selling the property, which means that he may have “regretted” his intention to get rid of it. Perhaps it was a late decision, because the hairdresser had already sold most of her furniture through a well-known second-hand product trading platform.

Raquel Mosquera on TV / Gtres

However, the fact is that the economic problems that Mosquera is going through make it difficult for the Madrid native to make a home in Galapagal. The property is located in the unique urbanization area of ​​Los Jarales. It consists of 377 square meters spread over two floors and a semi-basement. It is equipped with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and several terraces; of course, there is also a laundry room, gym, cellar and Storage room. A priori, the collaborator asked for 500,000 euros to buy a house, but did not receive the expected reception, she decided to lower the price and keep it at 469,000 euros. Has he changed his mind again?What we do know is that before The sale could have ended most of the worries In recent months, Mosquera has had to go through this.Documentary release dew, Tell the truth to live, And the recent serious health problems that will affect the lives of former players survivor.

Raquel Mosquera in Madrid / Gtres
Raquel Mosquera in Madrid / Gtres

House sale is the order of the day celebrity. More and more celebrities decide to start by changing their residences and transform their lives by 180 degrees.This has always been the case Maria Theresa CamposThe host tried to shut down the sale of her luxury house in Las Rozas for a long time, but the high price of the house and the long process required for these types of exchanges made resistance at that moment.Finally, after a long wait, it was confirmed from Week Carmen Borrego’s mother could have spent 2.5 million euros to say “goodbye” to her home.A way to bet on tranquility in a less luxurious place, close to his daughter Terelu, actually in the same urbanization. His new choice is a 200-square-meter apartment, which has nothing to do with the 2,000-square-meter room he lives in.

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