Raquel Mosquera: her allies in her particular war with Rocío Carrasco


Rocío Carrasco continues to have open fronts with several people who have been part of her family environment at some point in her life. José Ortega Cano, Gloria Camila, Amador Mohedano, Antonio David Flores and her daughter Rocío are some of them. However, the last to break her silence and stand up to the daughter of “the greatest” has been none other than Raquel Mosquera, who several weeks ago visited Deluxe Saturday willing to take advantage of her return to the small screen to publicly respond to the serious accusations that the universal heiress has made against her.

Raquel Mosquera and Pedro Carrasco / Gtres

His reappearance on television was marked, fundamentally, by the tense clashes that he starred in with Jorge Javier Vázquez, a close friend of Carrasco. There were many who took a position against her because of the words with which she tried to defend herself, but, as a result of this interview, Raquel also came up with two important allies worth taking into account, since these are nothing more and nothing less than Antonio David Flores and his daughter Rocío, who They are also in a ‘war’ with Fidel Albiac’s wife for everything narrated in his first documentary series.

The former civil guard was one of the first to react to Mosquera’s interview. And it is that, beyond commenting that the program has contacted Raquel just to try to collect audience data, he took advantage of his intervention on his own YouTube channel to give a friendly opinion on the statements of the widow of Pedro Carrasco: “They ask him why why not denounce Rocío Carrasco for everything she said in the docutrola. Second zasca of the night. Answer: ‘How am I going to sue a person who has nothing in her name so that she later declares herself insolvent?’” The man from Malaga began by saying.

Antonio David Flores with his daughter Rocío / Gtres
Antonio David Flores with his daughter Rocío / Gtres

After that, in his attempt to open Mosquera’s eyes, Antonio David explained that, although in recent years Rocío has deposited all her money into the accounts of two companies in the name of Fidel Albiac, it is most likely that the two million euros that she could have pocketed for the two documentary series made have been billed by her, Therefore, according to him, the hairdresser would no longer have to have any impediment when suing her. From his point of view, this is a good time to take legal action against Rocío Carrasco, which is why he immediately encouraged Raquel to denounce the daughter of her former partner: “Raquel Mosquera, now is the time to sue her because now she will have money,” Olga Moreno’s ex-husband told him.

With these words, he already hinted at his support for Raquel, but just in case there was any doubt, he wanted to make a new defense: “He remained firm despite all the disqualifications and all those trilero games to which we are accustomed, lying over and over again. However, Raquel remained super strong, with the truth in her hand. They even tried to doubt me and her own experiences. They questioned her and tried to leave her on the ground, but they did not succeed ”, added the former commentator.

Rocío Carrasco with her parents, Rocío Jurado and Pedro Carrasco / Gtres
Rocío Carrasco with her parents, Rocío Jurado and Pedro Carrasco / Gtres

Now, Antonio David has not been the only person who has publicly stood up for Raquel Mosquera. His daughter, Rocío Flores, has also done so in recent days, unequivocal proof that the two of them have become his best allies in his particular war with Carrasco. Rocío preferred not to follow the line of her parent and to be more discreet in front of the media, although she did take the step of publicly clarifying the good relationship that she continues to share today with the widow of the grandfather of she: “Raquel Mosquera of course I like her”, the young woman expressed. A few words with which she put on record the good feelings she has towards the hairdresser, and with which, in a certain way, she also showed that she was on the side of Pedro Carrasco’s widow in the war that pits her against her own mother .


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