Raquel Bollo talked about Pantoja in her debut in Viva la Vida

Raquel Bollo has been away from TV for a while, however, unexpectedly, she started a new project related to small screens. Tertuliana has signed with Viva la Vida, making it one of its star bets this season. The Pantoya family is one of the families that has been in the eyes of a hurricane for a year, so his debut is very decent.

Raquel Bollo in “Viva la Vida”. / Telecinco

“I’m a little nervous.” People said to me:’After so many years, how nervous are you? ‘I’m a little far away, when you come back, many things will come to your mind , He told Emma Garcia as soon as he started his career in the above format. Raquel Bollo said that she witnessed everything related to Isabel, Isa and Anabel Pantoja. «Because of everything that happened at that time, I experienced a very beautiful wedding, and at the same time there was nothing so beautiful. When I came back, I was saturated and I had to cry out what I had accumulated», he said of the connection between DJ’s cousin and Omar Sánchez.

Raquel Bollo and Emma García in “Viva la Vida”. / Telecinco

The new collaborator made it clear that she continues to maintain a good relationship with each of them today. “They have been with them for many years and love their good and bad,” he explained. «It is very complicated, but I try to understand each one, especially when you tell them the reality of what you think with all the love in the world. I always do this,” he added.

Anna also spoke about Isabel and Chico’s reunion in Cantora after Dona’s death. «I know that Isabel Pantoja wants to see her son. I did not witness the moment they met again in Cantora. When I arrived, I saw them hugging, Some things that have been told,” he admitted. He also emphasized that he did not want to talk about the details of the mother-child reconciliation. «When the door of the house opened to me, I couldn’t tell what happened inside. It was a matter of education. This will always be with me,” he said.

Raquel Bollo, excited. /Instagram @raquellollo

On the other hand, Raquel Bollo also commented on the social chronicles of pink newspapers in our country. One of the topics that has attracted all the attention for several weeks is Antonio David Flores and his separation from Olga Moreno. “I didn’t see any broken marriages,” the party said. «My point is that it is not just a rupture, but a fracture. The other thing is, obviously, obviously, many things have to be talked about for so many years. The girls who appeared on TV didn’t like any women. This is not pleasant for anyone. This is a little dent. From there to rest… Olga must tell me. Then I’ll say it’s true” and reflect on this matter.

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