Raquel Bollo confessed that Isabel Pantoja was not answering the phone


Rachel Poirot He has been one of the guests at the Showcase 2021 awards ceremony held in Seville this Friday. The TV collaborator wore a champagne-colored dress with black polka dots and tulle on his shoulders, posing excitedly for the media. She did not come alone, her son, Manuel Cortez He has always been a companion to this event, which is marked by sanitary restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Raquel Bollo announced the admission of Isabel Pantoja’s mother Doña Ana. /Gtres

Seville woman was asked about Dona Ana’s health, her mother Isabel Pantoya, He has been hospitalized for several weeks. “To be honest, I have to say that on my birthday, I did speak to her-she was referring to tonadillera-but because I called my grandma, the phone was never connected. I don’t know at all“, he admitted. “I know she is at a time when she doesn’t want to know anything. She will be by her mother’s side as usual. I hope to know something soon, really,” she added worriedly.

Raquel Bollo at the 2021 Escape Award. /Gtres Award
Raquel Bollo at the 2021 Escape Award. /Gtres Award

The meeting also recognized that Anabel Pantoja placeholder image He doesn’t know anything. “It’s weird… If she didn’t know… I would hardly know,” Raquel said. “I hope he can recover soon and go home soon,” he said at last, although he wanted to express his passion for the artist’s niece’s wedding. “Continues to this day. I have already booked the ticket and everything, with it…I also have my clothes ready. He hasn’t told me anything yet,” she explained excitedly.

Raquel Bollo and her son at the 2021 Escape Awards. /Gtres Award
Raquel Bollo and her son at the 2021 Escape Awards. /Gtres Award

No one ever expressed concern about the health of his grandmother Chico rivera. DJ learned about the situation through Kiko Hernández’s phone.A few days later, Irene Rosales’ husband made some story Through social networks, he made it clear that he had no news in this regard. «Many of you asked about my grandmother’s health.withOr I don’t know… You already know that I don’t talk to my family, and no one has warned me. I found out like all of you,” said the artist.

“Me and my cousin AnnabelWe were talking about this yesterday…it really made me feel a little anxious. “Isa Pantoya’s younger brother revealed to his followers that in the face of this complicated situation, “I really don’t know what to do.” “Let’s see if we can find out the answer in a more accurate way, although well, that’s it… I don’t know what to tell you. This is a very strange situation,” he concluded, somewhat worried about the lack of information.

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