Raptors-Pacers game halted by early fire, crowd evacuated


On Saturday, the NBA game between the Raptors and Pacers was interrupted by fire for nearly an hour. The game was finally able to resume, but there were no spectators.

regular season games NBA The game between the Raptors and Pacers, which was comfortably won 131-91 on Saturday, was evacuated peacefully due to a fire after the game resumed without spectators. The hiatus, which lasted more than an hour, was decided midway through the second quarter of a game dominated by the Raptors (66-38).

Here’s the problem: Flames emerge from a grid of one of the many speakers fixed to the ceiling, a few meters above the highest row of seats in the room. Then the fire alarm sounded.

firefighter evacuation room

Due to equipment issues, firefighters asked everyone present to calmly evacuate the building through the nearest stairwell. There is no threat to public safety,” the message said on a huge screen in the hall with a capacity of 19,800 spectators.

The Toronto Police Operations Centre added in a tweet: “No injuries reported.” The Canadian franchise has promised to refund all tickets within 30 days.

The conference finally resumed and the Raptors confirmed their dominance thanks to Pascal Siakam (23 points) and Scotty Barnes (19). In the Eastern Conference standings, the Raptors took advantage of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ victory over the Chicago Bulls (94-98) to please them with a sixth-place finish, meaning automatic promotion for the game. -offs. , did not go through play-ins.


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