Ranma 1/2 is half of a collaboration with Felissimo for many cool fashion and lifestyle items


Rumiko Takahashi’s hit anime/manga serves as inspiration for everything from ramen pajamas to mesh sachets.

It’s a pretty good time to be Urusei Yatsura fan with what a modern remake of the anime series now airing on Japanese TV and opening of a themed cafe soon. But when Urusei Yatsura creator Rumiko Takahashi martial arts manga/anime Ranma 1/2 also holds a special place in your heart, you are lucky too.

Japanese clothing and lifestyle brand Felissimo cooperates with ranma for a line of creative cute items, starting from recreating the Chinese style pajamas Ranma often wears, with naruto’s signature fish cake design.

Felissimo boasts that the 6,900 yen ($50) quilted pajamas are both warm and easy to move around in, so they’re equally good for a good night’s sleep and hand-to-hand combat if an unannounced attacker attacks you first morning.

▼ There is also a waking Ranma peeking out of her back pocket.

When you wake up and are ready to go out, you can upgrade your accessories with these accessories Two-way tassel ear accessories (2,500 yen), includes illustrations and colors of the main character’s image ranma, Akane (his fiancé), Shampoo (one his other brides) and P-chan (actually his rival Ryoga, after turning into a pig).

Each month Felissimo randomly sends you a different design, but they’re all no-piercing clips that you can attach or remove fringes to as you please.

From earlobes to fingertips, Nail stickers with characters (1700 yen) is also a series with a different design randomly shipped every month, either Ranma, Akane, or Shampoo.

One of the smartest ideas in collaboration is the so-called Ranma and Akane go to school (2,600 yen), which recreates a recurring scene of two teenagers walking to school together, Akane on the sidewalk like a normal human, and Ranma balancing freely on top of a chain-link fence, like the super agile feat that he is.

Another common occurrence in ranma is someone who was sent high into the sky because he was on the tail end of a massive hit from a trained martial artist and/or a seriously upset girlfriend (these two roles are far from exclusive to the show). This series was created to commemorate these events retractable pass cases (2,800 yen), z ranma, Ryogaor Mousse random shipping every month.

They complement the composition Ranma and Akane’s Clumsy Affair sweatshirt (5,400 yen), depicting the first time Ranma said something nice to Akane…

character socks for Ranma, Akane and Shampoo (1400 yen, monthly random pattern)…

…a reversible shoulder bag (4,700 yen) that, like many of the characters in the show, can transform…

…and P-chan plush pouch (2300 yen) with a zipper running down the back…

…and finally a series of three pillowcases (2,400 yen, monthly random pattern) with someone going for a punch ride in the night sky behind.

The entire range is available in the Felissimo online store here.

Source: PR times
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