Ramiro Oliveros left his mobile phone in his wife’s coffin


Ramiro Oliveros You accidentally put yourself in the spotlight. On October 18th, his wife Concha Márquez Piquer died of a severe respiratory infection.A few days later, his widower came completely Hit the cemetery, Was broken by the pain of losing the love of a lifetime. Unexpectedly, his mobile phone was in the artist’s coffin. Beatriz Cortázar revealed on esRadio that when Ramiro went to give his wife the last kiss, his phone fell into the coffin.

Ramiro Oliveros at the funeral of Concha Márquez Piquer. /Gtres

«My phone was left in the coffin. Inside the box. With Concha», the actor told reporters. Details overlooked in those painful moments. In fact, he is still in the grave. Cortázar also explained that Ramiro had to buy a new phone, but they allowed him to “respect the phone number.”

Ramiro Oliveros wept at the funeral of Concha Márquez Piquer.  /Gtres
Ramiro Oliveros wept at the funeral of Concha Márquez Piquer. /Gtres

This information has been expanded to Four a day, The presenter format of Joaquín Prat. The host revealed that the interpreter’s daughter and actor Iris called her father to see if she was really in front of her mother’s grave. «What should I do when my daughter knows? Call the cemetery so that the operator can approach the tombstone and see if the phone is ringing because it continues to signal,” Joaquin said. Nothing seemed to be heard, but in order to resolve the matter, he checked some pictures on the phone. It was found that his father’s mobile phone had fallen into the coffin. Finally, they chose to buy a new one.

‘S remains Concha Marquez Pickel They have been resting in the San Isidro Cemetery since last Wednesday, October 20. On the day of the funeral, the people closest to her were there, including her widower, daughters Conchiting and Iris, and her only grandson Oliver. During the response and the funeral, the people present had some uncontrollable moments of sadness.

Ramiro Oliveros was killed in the cemetery​​.  /Gtres
Ramiro Oliveros was killed in the cemetery​​. /Gtres

The wish of the late singer was to rest in the cemetery with the body of her mother Concha Piquer. Ramiro Oliveros had to say goodbye to his wife, which was one of the most complicated moments in his life. When he was 80 years old, his daughter Iris drove to the cemetery in a wheelchair. The actor found himself unable to move and was unable to walk.

On the eve of her funeral, Concha Márquez was veiled at her home in Madrid, surrounded by the strictest environment. Many well-known faces and good friends of the artist, such as Lolita Flores, Sonsoles Benedicto, actors Antonio Medina, Jesús Gil Marin (Jesús Gil) Marín) or Manuel Galiana (Manuel Galiana) have been to this place.

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