Rain, wind and sea storms in Spain


Place de Madrid (EFE) in an hour and gusts of 70 kilometers per hour.

In addition to Andalusia, the communities of the Balearic Islands, Castile and León, Extremadura, Galicia, Murcia, the Valencian Community, as well as the autonomous city of Ceuta are also at meteorological risk, although in yellow , slightly lower than the previous one.

In Andalusia, the rains will be abundant and widespread throughout the community, but especially in the provinces of Malaga and Cádiz, where there will also be strong storms and a lot of wind, as well as coastal phenomena.

In Sol and Guadalhorce (Málaga) and in the region of Axarquía, in the same province, cumulative rainfall of 30 liters per square meter is expected in one hour.

Several people protect themselves with an umbrella from the rain in Cordoba. EFE/Rooms

In the province of Cádiz, in Grazalema and in the area of ​​the strait, the rains will accumulate respectively 80 and 90 liters per square meter in 12 hours, and similar levels will also be reached in Ronda (Málaga).

The coast of Cádiz is also on maritime storm alert, given the forecast of occasional southwesterly winds between 62 and 74 km/h (force 8) and combined westerly seas of 5 to 6 meters.

Also in Andalusia, the winds will be strong, especially on the coast of Cádiz, the coast of Granada and in Almería, where gusts of up to 70 kilometers per hour are expected, and likewise the wind will blow with a similar intensity. in the autonomous city of Ceuta.

In the Balearics, waves of 3 meters should be reached in the coastal waters south of Formentera.

On the other hand, in Castile and León, the southern area of ​​Ávila is on yellow alert due to the forecast of cumulative rainfall in one hour of 15 liters per square meter, and up to 40 liters per square meter in 12 hours. .

In the community of Extremadura, rainfall accumulated in 12 hours of up to 40 liters per square meter could be recorded in the north of Cáceres.

Galicia is keeping the coast of the provinces of La Coruña and Lugo on high alert due to the forecast of winds of 50 to 61 km/h, force 7.
In Murcia there will also be a maritime storm due to a southwesterly wind between 40 and 60 km/h (force 6 to 7) and waves of 2 to 3 meters.

Likewise, the Valencian Community maintains the alert on the coast of Alicante, where the southwest wind is expected to blow with intervals of force 7 (45 to 55 km/h) and waves of 2 to 3 meters.


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