Rafinha decides the first Clasico of the season, Courtois was great too


football club barcelona had a slight advantage in Las Vegas this evening against RealMadrid firstly Classical season. It’s actually pre-season, but the importance of this game, especially for two specific players. Robert Lewandowski was supposed to make his debut against Real Madrid, he did not disappoint.

But the most important player of this first half was raffinhascoring an incredible goal from a long distance, which hit the top nine. RealMadrid clearly couldn’t keep up the pace at the start, but they still had a few good chances that weren’t enough to score a goal. Towards the end of the first half, we had an important possible fight that wasn’t too big for either side.

Busquets provoked a possible fight.

Closer to the break, Busquets and Alba teamed up with Vinicius Junior. This was more than enough for many Real Madrid players will be excited. _Because of the heat in Las Vegas, both teams had to make a lot of substitutions. After the break, that is exactly what happened as Robert Lewandowski was not allowed to stay on the pitch after the break.

In total, eleven substitutions were made between both teams. RealMadrid has improved dramatically since Modric, Kroos and Casemiro on the field. However, Barcelona still had the most important moments in the last 20 minutes of the game. It wasn’t even a competition for them. Trainer Javi Hernandez was dissatisfied with some decisions of the referee, but pleased with the result of the final whistle.

Thibaut Courtois saves Real Madrid from shame.

In spite of final resultBelgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was perhaps the most important player on the field. I made four saves in the last ten minutes of the match. Before that, Cassie was in front of him, but was unable to land a powerful blow. Ousmane Dembele had two chances in a row, which Courtois was able to reflect effectively.

But the most impressive save came after a powerful shot by Sergino Desta. If not for his game, Barcelona would have crushed Real Madrid in the last minutes of the game. So far, the Blue Garnet are doing well at this start of the preseason. However, Real Madrid needs a few more games to get back into the rhythm.


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