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If concussion issues are less of a thorny problem in football than they are in rugby, then certain situations will still raise issues and require a high level of vigilance. Illustration from tonight’s game between Fortaleza and Botafogo in Brazil.

Brazilian full-back Rafael, who arrived from Lyon a few months ago, took part in the game against Fortaleza before a fierce head-to-head clash with his opponent a quarter-hour later, shock that caused the defender to faint before he waited. Come back to your senses… and continue the game again! Fortunately, the club’s doctors prevented Raphael from being forced off the pitch, and the defender eventually ceded the spot to a partner…


Impressive in Brazil today at Botafogo’s former OL side Rafael, who collapsed after a shock before trying to resume play.If concussions are not as thorny in football as they are in rugby, some situations can still cause problems


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