Rafa Sánchez after 36 years at La Unión: “It’s much harder to get three in one photo”


“Dress up the princess” this is presentation letter the new scene – only Rafael Sánchez, after 36 years as a member and leader of La Unión. Although for him “they quickly passed,” he assured in an interview. This morning by esRadio. “Rock and roll makes everything go at different speeds.”he exclaims.

The first single was supposed to be “transitional theme”and this song did the job perfectly. “It sounds very close to the most classic La Unión songs,” such as “Bold font” or “Love Returns”… And at the same time, a new sound is breaking through.

More than anything “so as not to mislead people”he says between laughter. “Whatever they say, this one left the group because he is going to do something very strange, very strange.” Moreover. “as a member participating in the composition of all the songs of the group Union“I wanted to give this continuity to the new songs.”

The song talks about how difficult romantic relationships are for women. more than forty divorcedwho become invisible to men of their age and their environment. “A lot of people get depressed, thinking it’s over for them,” she explains. This is how they find their place “dating gay gangs”… And that’s when restore self-esteemThey start dressing up, registering as pretty … Every woman should have a gay friend, ”he insists. This is what the song says.

New solo stage

Somehow he got divorced too. In this case, from a musical project that he shared with Luis Bolin (this has long ceased to be a trio). A new stage begins for him, with which he is faced with a certain “nostalgia”… “They have lived for 36 years with people with whom I was more than with my brothers biological, ”he says. But he clings to “the saying that there is no harm that does not come.” more freedom“, the verdict.

He does “exactly what I want” during the recording of the video clips, the production of the album (to which he responds with Fermin Villaescuza, and, of course, related to composition. “I am traveling alone because it is much more difficult to get a C in the photo.”he explains with a laugh. Plus, you no longer need to “follow the line.” This allows him to express himself in all respects as he is, and to speak openly on topics such as his homosexuality or his connection with drugs

However, there will always be a connection with La Unión. Many of his songs will remain in his repertoire.… In fact, the tour he’s immersed in is named after one of his songs: Wolf Man Tour. “I’m going to continue singing songs of which I am the author,” he warns. “people are what they like”

“I remember going to the David Bowie show with the last solo album, which was great because he was a great artist, but the next year he came with all the songs from his career, and that was where I really enjoyed it.”

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