Racism, sexism and homophobia at MPS: Scotland Yard chief resigns


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London’s Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard) Chief Commissioner Cressida Dick made the case on Thursday after she aired cases of racism, sexism and homophobia among her officers in recent days Resign.

Less than three weeks after Dick confirmed his resignation They will investigate “several incidents” at official Downing Street residences In the past two years, related to “possible Covid-19 violations”.

After a meeting with London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Dick said in a statement he no longer had the “trust” of the Labour mayor, who in recent days has stepped up pressure on her and called for a credible Plan to change the internal culture of the police force.

He left me with no choice but to step aside‘, Dick said, who had agreed that Khan would remain in the position for a “short period” to ensure the stability of Scotland Yard.

In a statement to the media, the mayor said, “The only way to begin to address the scale of the necessary change is to appoint new leadership at the top of the Metropolitan Police.”

current worker

The Independent Office for Police Conduct released an inquiry on February 1 that found ‘disgraceful’ WhatsApp messages between 14 officers at Charing Cross Police Station in Londonsent between 2016 and 2018, exposed various cases of sexual and workplace harassment, misogyny and discrimination.

Despite Scotland Yard’s apology, Khan disputes the nine alleged authors of the information ‘They’re still with the Metropolitan Police’, two of whom have been promoted.

“It is the greatest honour and privilege of my life to serve the citizens of London and the United Kingdom in this role,” said the Chief Commissioner. first woman to lead the body It is also the first public statement that gay.

He stressed that he physically left the top police post “Across all levels and roles, there are more women than ever before, and the growing number of (officials) from different ethnic backgrounds really reflect the diversity of London. “

Since taking office in 2017 and prior to that as a senior commander, Dick has been at the center of various controversies, including his response to the July 22, 2005 death of Brazil’s Jean Charles de Menezes. The management of the operation, which was shot down by agents after a failed attack on the London Underground the previous day, was mistaken for a terrorist.

After police officer Wayne Couzens kidnapped and murdered young Sarah Everard in March 2021, many voices have called for his resignation.


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