Racism at Sesame Street Park? Family of discriminated girls refuses to return


BUTFollowing an incident in July last year with a black family in Sesame Placewhere the character ignored the two girls, the people from the park suggested that they come back again, but they refused because they were still injured.

What was the Sesame Street incident like?

More than a month ago Baltimore family went to the amusement park. In a video that has gone viral, two little girls wait for one of the park’s characters to come over to greet them, but he ignores them, which was seen as racial discrimination; the park was sued and they claimed that the characters ignored little girls.

It was reported this Thursday that the family had been invited to return to Sesame Street Theme Parkbut they declined the offer as the children are still traumatized by what they experienced that day.

family lawyer, B’Ivory Lamarrtold TMZ that he should let the family know what happened to the person who represented the character on the day of the incident, especially if he was disciplined, fired, or changed character.

Several meetings have already taken place, but the Brown family does not want to return.

According to the website, Lamarr revealed an informal meeting she had three weeks ago with executives from SeaWorld Entertainment and Reverend Jesse Jacksonwho sent a letter after the incident suggesting ways to improve work in the park with blacks, such as African Americans on its board of directors or by hiring an African-American company to train staff in cultural values.

This week there was a meeting with The Brown family and SeaWorld executiveswhere, according to Lamarr, the family expressed their concerns. They were offered to return to the park with the girls, but they flatly refused as they didn’t want the little girls to go through the trauma.

Although Sesame Place has already implemented a new policy that includes screening employees to avoid situations like the one that occurred in July, the lawyer said he is still reviewing legal options for the affected family and hopes to garner support from community leaders and activists to support the Browns.


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