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The L214 Association has released shocking new photos taken in May 2022 at a rabbit farm in Ile-et-Vilaine: injured or dying rabbits in cages, side by side with carcasses of their own kind. The 30m Friends Foundation is again calling for the abolition of intensive animal husbandry, a model that 85% of the French oppose (Barometer Foundation 30m Friends/Ifop, 2022).

Severely wounded rabbits, dying rabbits, decomposing corpses… A new investigation by the L214 Association reveals the horrors of a rabbit farm, part of which is marketed under the brand name Le Gaulois. The breeding questioned by the whistleblower is symbolic: it is directed by Frédéric Blot, president of the National Federation of Rabbit Producers Groups and president of the Elvilap Group, which sells 10% of France’s products.

“Everything is bad”

In this institution in Ille-et-Vilaine, animals kept in closed buildings without windows have no access to the outside. Sequestered in cages, 1,500 breedings do produce over 130,000 young rabbits per year, which will be fattened and housed in tight spaces, the equivalent of an A4 sheet of paper per animal!

On this farm, rabbits are stuffed into wire cages and cannot move. ©L214

For these horrific living conditions, L214 points to blatant abuse. Newborn rabbits would die on the barbed wire floor of their cages, while severely injured rabbits would go untreated and suffer with the dead. While transporting them to the slaughterhouse, the poor animals are picked up unceremoniously and thrown into carts. ” As a veterinarian, seeing this disgusts me: this is animal cruelty “, at the request of L214, veterinarian Sophie Dol responded.” everything is bad Gilles Pernoud adds that he is also a practitioner.

Animal protection NGO calls for end to intensive farming

The L214 Association, which filed a complaint on abuse and abandonment charges, called for an emergency shutdown of the aquaculture and instructed the department’s governor to oppose a project to expand it. more generally, NGO’s petition Call for a moratorium on new intensive livestock facilities and a 10-year ban on farms depriving animals of access to the open air, along with a breeder transformation program. ” We are often criticized – wrongly – for showing single farms that would be the “black sheep” of a sector.These new photos were taken at the farm of the first manager of the French rabbit industrysaid Sébastien Arsac, co-founder of L214. If we are serious about animal sensitivities, it is imperative to move away from intensive farming as soon as possible. »

It is imperative to get rid of intensive farming as soon as possible.

S. Arsac – L214

For its part, the Foundation of 30 million friends again implored the Ministry of Agriculture to take strong measures to move away from the intensive farming model, which more than 8 out of 10 French oppose (Barometer Foundation 30 million friends/Ifop, 2022) and affected 80% of the livestock in France.

In total, more than 35 million rabbits are born on French farms each year, and they are raised in conditions that do not match their natural needs. Of these, 27.5 million died from consumption. Others died on the farm before they even got to the slaughterhouse…

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