Queen Sophia, at the foot of the canyon in her most important week


this Queen Sophia Become one of the most important assets again HM King’s house. Like every Friday, the communications department of Palacio de la Zarzuela announced its commitment to the royal family in the coming days. For many reasons, this is a very important week.On the one hand, the Queen Letizia I took a new cooperative trip, this time to Paraguay between November 2 and 4. In addition, this trip also coincided with the Queen Mother’s birthday.

Queen Letizia and her daughters / Gtres

On this occasion, on the occasion of this anniversary, there is no official event plan. In fact, the Queen—Who travels to Paraguay-Like Don Felipe, they had a promise on that day.Last October 22nd, Doña Sofía participated in the delivery Princess of Asturias Foundation Award Since then, we have seen her at the wedding of her nephew in Athens and the Liria Palace, and she came here for a private date later this week.

Queen Sophia
Queen Sophia leaves Liria Palace / Gtres

However, with what happened in recent weeks, the Queen Mother’s agenda intensified in the next few days. HM King’s House activities, In addition to the others on your private agenda.

According to the official plan, Queen Sophia has two promises these days. Philip VI’s mother will perform representative duties for the royal family on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, the Queen Mother went to Salamanca to host the delivery of the XXX version. Reina Sofía Ibero-American Poetry Award in the city. This is an event sponsored by the National Heritage and the University of Salamanca, aiming to commend all the works of a living writer, due to their literary value, which constitute a related contribution to the common cultural heritage of Latin America and Spain. In this case, it fell on the shoulders of the Portuguese writer Ana Luisa Amaral.

Queen Sofia of Greece / Gtres

The next day, Doña Sofía will end her agenda with a promise that is not common to her, because she will no longer be the queen in name. Philip VI’s mother will receive a representative from the Dignity and Justice Association, He will award physical gold medals to Doña Sofía. The purpose of the association is to commend citizens, especially members of security forces and agencies, who have contributed to combating terrorism and protecting its victims through their work in different fields. Since 2014, the Queen Mother has not participated in formal audience activities.

Queen Letizia Cooperative Visit / Gtres

Queen Sophia’s special agenda for celebrating the week of her 83rd birthday. Although I don’t know if there will be any celebrations on this anniversary, it is very likely that the Queen Mother will enjoy the company of her relatives on this special day.

For its part, Doña Letizia (Doña Letizia) will take a new cooperative tour in Paraguay from Tuesday to Thursday, which has not yet been made public. In any case, as happened, it will be two intense days, full of meetings and work contacts, to get a first-hand understanding of AECID’s work in the country. Until a few years ago, this task was performed by Queen Sofia.

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