Queen Sofia returns to Mallorca for her most special engagement ever


This queen sofia He has returned to Mallorca. After attending Queen Elizabeth’s farewell ceremonies in London and Windsor last Monday, Felipe VI’s mother moved to the Balearic Islands this weekend for one of the most important dates on her personal agenda.As confirmed by multiple media, Queen Sofia has been Andrax andAt the end of the “1m2 for the beach and the seas” campaign, a day of marine litter awareness and collection was carried out in collaboration on the Toftevaag scientific sailboat.by the Alnitak Association and in Liberation Project.

Queen Sofia releases turtles in Mallorca. / Getreth

The expedition has departed port andrax Shortly before 12:00 noon this Saturday, during the border crossing, they have been talking about ‘Rubbish’ in marine and coastal environments. Several initiatives and possibilities have been proposed to address this serious problem, which threatens the survival of many species and the protection of the environment.

Dona Sophia, passionate about all things nature, able to talk to technicians and scientists, and once again witness firsthand the diversity and richness of the Mediterranean Sea and the fragility of the species that inhabit it. In addition, Felipe VI’s mother was involved in the release of two turtles, Llucia and Mitty, who were trapped in ghost fishing nets this summer and spent a few weeks in F’s rehabilitation center.Palma Aquarium FloodThey finally returned to their natural habitat.

Queen Sofia’s participation in the event brings to a successful conclusion the work of the more than 6,000 volunteers involved in this edition across Spain. Felipe VI’s mother has been looking to support the campaign for years, and since 2018, when the Reina Sofia Foundation started working with the Liberal Party, we’ve seen her in different areas collecting waste from the coast and the countryside.

all along, queen sofia It is very knowledgeable about everything related to protecting the environment and flora and fauna. In fact, it participates in and collaborates with many initiatives through its foundation. In addition to this campaign against “garbage”, Queen Sofia has collaborated on different projects against discarding waste at docks, supports cleaning of the seabed through diving centres, and raises awareness for the protection of Balearic gulls, a An archipelago of endangered marine species living in the ocean.

It also vigorously raises awareness of discarded plastics thanks to the animated short “Lemon,” and supports Palma Aquarium Foundation He worked hard to care for and restore the turtles.


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