Queen Sofia, having lunch at Liria Palace after her niece’s Greek wedding


Queen Sophia He once again proved that his sister Irene from Greece is his best partner and support. After the most exciting week, she was reunited with her family at the wedding ceremony of the Princess of Asturias and her nephews Philippos and Nina Flohr. After that, Doña Sofía returned to Madrid to continue her daily life. . Since there is no official agenda this week, Felipe VI’s mother appeared in the company of her beloved sister this Thursday. Liria Palace, They were invited to lunch together.

Queen Sophia leaves Liria Palace / Gtres

Carlos Fitz-James, Duke of Alba, Has a deep friendship with the Queen, and hopes to enjoy her company at her residence in Calle de la Princesa, Madrid.In addition to Doña Sofía and Irene, other celebrities also attended the date, such as Alicia Koplowitz or Sofia Palazuelo, Fernando Fitz-James Stewart’s wife and daughter-in-law of the Duke of Alba, Someone saw him leave the palace and drive his own vehicle. Private meeting The details are not clear, but it must have been marked by gastronomy.

Carlos Fitz James
Carlos Fitz James/Gtres in the file picture

For decades, the Alba family has maintained a close relationship with the royal family, so Felipe VI’s mother is also present, she is also a member of the royal family. Invited to attend the wedding of Fernando and Sofia in October 2018, And it was held in the same building. As a souvenir of the wedding, Doña Sofía did not hesitate to take a photo with one of the couple’s many rooms in Liria and the priest Ignacio Jiménez Sánchez Dalp who presided over the ceremony.

four years ago Next to King Juan Carlos On the occasion of the death of Doña Cayetana, Duchess of Alba, he presided over the second funeral. A serene ceremony was held at the central cathedral in San Francisco’s El Grande. However, Infanta Elena traveled to Seville to express condolences to Alba on November 21, 2014 on behalf of the royal family. Alba said goodbye to Donacayetana at the Mass held in the Andalusian Metropolitan Cathedral.

Sofia Palazuelo
Sofía Palazuelo arrives in Liria / Gtres

This time it’s different. The Duke of Alba and his brother Alfonso Martinez de IrujoThe second child of Duchess Cayetana is the master.According to reports reasonThere are only eight guests for this lunch, and the identities of the rest are a mystery.

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