Queen Sofia enjoys a concert night in Ibiza


this Queen Sophia Ended its institutional agenda in one of the most tense weeks of the royal family.Dona Sofia recently participated in several events, among which Don Philip with Lady Letizia They went to Stockholm on a state trip.

Doña Sofía moved to Ibiza, where she hosted a periodic chamber music concert in a World Heritage city. This cycle started in Cáceres on October 30. It is planned to pass through the unique spaces of 15 cities in Spain by December, with the stamp of UNESCO.an item Albenis Foundation The group responsible for the Reina Sofia Conservatory organized by the Education, Culture and Sports Committee of the Spanish World Heritage Cities Group.

this Spanish World Heritage Cities It is a non-profit entity founded in 1993 and declared as a public utility. It currently consists of 15 towns, all of which are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the particularity and value of their historic centers.

Queen Sophia at the concert / Gtres

Avila, Cáceres, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Segovia and Toledo were the founding cities, and later Cordoba (1996), Cuenca (1998), Alcala De Henares (2000), Laguna San Cristobal (2002), Ibiza joined (200), Tarragona and Merida (2006), and Úbeda and Baeza in 2014. Its founding goal is to jointly safeguard the historical heritage that constitutes the city, as well as to spread and promote its cultural value domestically and internationally, and to promote the development of high-quality cultural tourism based on rich history and culture. The legacy of its city.

Queen Sophia / Gtres in black and gold

For this date, Doña Sofía chose an elegant black with some gold.this Mother of Felipe VI She wore a set of trousers and jacket embroidered with floral details, a black bag, and a matching pair of cashmere around her neck to protect herself from low temperatures.

Queen Sophia
Ibiza / Queen Sofia of Gtres

The past few weeks have been very stressful for Philip VI’s mother, who combined her private commitments with the royal agenda. In fact, in the same week, in addition to participating in the three performances planned in the Zarzuela program, Doña Sofía also participated in the BMW Painting Awards ceremony held at the Royal Theater, where she reunited with her granddaughter, Victoria Federica de Marie Charal, This has become one of the important faces of Spanish society.

Currently, it is planned that Queen Sofia will host the 40th anniversary of the Association of Victims of Terrorism in Madrid next week, as well as the “AVT: 40 Years of Working for Victims”. It will be held next Tuesday at the Museum of the National Art Center in Sofia. Performance.

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