Queen Letizia’s wedding dress is less than 200


If one thing is clear, it is Queen Letizia She is one of the best dressed royals. Every time she makes an appearance, the international media echoes her outfits. The outfit she wore to the season opener at the Theatre Royal on October 24 was one of the spouse’s most-reviewed looks. King Philip.

Queen Letizia of Madrid/Gttres

For special occasions, Letizia It has the most elegant design and costs less than 200 euros. It’s a mid-length dress, but asymmetrical in midnight blue. Popular colors and trends this fall. The pattern is also made with an elegant crew neck and French sleeves, and is complemented by a long skirt with frills. Most striking, however, is the neckline on the back, a large opening that reveals part of his muscular back.

The Andalusian-born company, which has slipped into Princess Leonor’s spacious royal dressing room, is already part of Felipe VI’s wife’s brand. Best of all, Miphai also has this version, which made a splash in the white Letizia.Without a doubt, a perfect low-cost option passing the altar.

Spouse in Updo/Gtres
Spouse in Updo/Gtres

It is a white dress with a similar silhouette called Iris, made by a seamstress in Spain. Like the one the Queen wore, this one costs 195 euros. A very versatile design that is also perfect to wear in a traditional BBC (wedding, christening or communion), even for any formal event that requires a dress code.

In addition to creating dreamy designs for the perfect guest, Miphai also has a bridal section on her own website, where you can find a variety of carefully crafted bridal designs to suit every taste.Best of all, the price is nearby From 49 euros to 385 euros. An alternative to expensive and traditional wedding dresses.

Rice Pie/ Rice Pie Dress
Rice Pie/ Rice Pie Dress

Queen Letizia is once again leading a fashion trend, she currently only wears it once, and since the outbreak of the pandemic, the mother of Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia has opted for sustainable fashion, recycling several styles, making it clear She is a queen who is also committed to the environment.

Princess Eleanor bets on rice pie

Princess Leonor also chose Miphai. She did just that when she hosted the Girona Princess Awards last June, wearing a blue cilo dress with a mid-length cut and a bardo neckline.One clothing He made it clear that he is also committed to low-cost fashion for highly relevant events.


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