Queen Letizia’s top dress is from Zara and is perfect for this Christmas


Queen Letizia wears a Zara dress which has just been restocked on the web and is perfect for this Christmas, a special edition jewel by Narciso Rodríguez. We’ve fallen in love all over again with a type of dress we saw when Letizia carried in her suitcase to New York, a great staple for any wardrobe at a low price. When it comes to filling our wardrobe this holiday season, nothing better than a type of garment that will become our favorite, just like Letizia did.

Zara has Queen Letizia’s top dress and it’s perfect for this Christmas

Queen Letizia has the perfect dress for this Christmas and it’s from Zara, perfect for looking good and feeling like a true glamor queen these days. The bad thing about these special editions is that they are done at the speed of light. A garment to succeed at any party awaits us at Zara.

Zara created the special edition garments together with designer Narciso Rodríguez this year. It triumphed thanks to a series of elements that made it mythic. He even conquered Queen Letizia herself who managed to get hold of a dress for special occasions. It dazzled in New York with a type of garment that showed the best of the discount brand that received the best reviews in our country.

A stunning dress that will become the essence of Spanish fashion which you will have in this garment. Orange in color, although it seems to be Letizia’s favorite red, it has some details that will make this dress one of the ideals for these holidays. Not only the color can match, but also the design.

It has some wrinkles on the sides which is what makes the difference. It stylizes a lot and more if we take into account that the short sleeve is the one that will give the finish the style we are looking for. Show off your arms, but also look good with a dress that adapts to our every move.

A viral dress that will cost you less than it seems, this garment is available online and in brand stores for only 139 euros. Get it in orange or black, it’s waiting for you to succeed at parties where you’ll want to go out and enjoy family and friends.


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