Queen Letizia’s dilemma in front of one of her greatest passions


Queen Letizia is passionate about the seventh art. His hobbies are not only shared with King Felipe, but also passed on to his two daughters, Princess Eleanor with Princess SophiaNot surprisingly, the Kings will take the opportunity to escape to the cinema in their free time to enjoy the latest releases on the billboards, whether they are domestic or international productions.

Queen Letizia in Tudela/Gtres

In fact, in July 2020, shortly after the end of the alert state, His Majesty the King shared some photos of the king in the cinema on his Twitter profile, which showed that they supported the industry’s recovery after the epidemic ended. Pandemic.

this Friday, The queen once again strengthened her commitment to the film. Doña Letizia hosted the Ópera Prima Festival at Cine Moncayo de Tudela to pay tribute to three important figures in film and culture: Luis García Berlanga, Juan Antonio Bardem and Fernando Fernán Gómez. According to the mayor, the reason for the decision to invite His Majesty is because he has always shown enthusiasm for the seventh art. This is the first time Donna Letizia has attended this appointment. On other occasions, Queen Sophia.

Letizia at the Mallorca/Getres Film Festival

A passion from afar, although it is not always realized in dating related to the movie world, it will be realized in private outings or specific conversations. In the same week, Dona Letizia went to Tudela to celebrate the International Film Week (Seminci) in Valladolid. The Queen had already participated in 2018 but did not return again. Similarly, in Mallorca this summer, His Majesty the King hosted the closing ceremony of the Atlantida Film Festival-shortly after the death of his grandmother-and started his agenda on the island. He also participated in 2019. , In this case, the game opened in early July.

Prior to this, we have seen the Queen share her confidence with famous filmmakers in different official events, such as Se Luis Garci, Francis Ford Coppola, Rodrigo Cortez or Martin Scorsese, Among many others.

Letizia and director Francis Ford Coppola/Gtres

Although so far, Dona Letizia has not participated in the Goya Awards ceremony, and Don Felipe has participated once when he was a prince, this is what many people hope will happen at some point matter, The Queen’s commitment to the film is more than ironclad. What happened is that many times the intensive institutional agenda His Majesty It does not allow for all the promises they want, a choice must be made. It will inevitably produce comments of different nature.

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