Queen Letizia under a Belgian style magnifying glass


This Queen Letizia It has become a fashion icon not only in Spain but beyond our borders. Felipe VI’s wife’s appearance was analysed down to the smallest detail, and while it was mostly praised, it was not immune to criticism. The Queen knows how to make fashion a way to reinforce a different message and has the ability to draw attention to certain causes through clothing. For this reason, they often turn to companies with sustainable philosophies, hand-made, Spanish-made and female-led clothing, combined with other low-cost brands so that their look is in the majority.

Queen Letizia in a dress by Adolfo Domínguez. / Getreth

While both national and international media are focusing on the Queen’s style, now a well-known Belgian magazine has dedicated a feature to her.it’s about the magazine story, the magazine focuses some pages on Doña Letizia’s style and provides a detailed analysis of her looks and the way she conceives fashion. An exhaustive report covering not only the wardrobe of Felipe VI’s wife, but his daughter’s, princess eleanor and Infanta Sofía, with whom it is increasingly common to share accessories and clothing. Proof of that, we’ve already seen the Queen this summer wearing at least one dress and one shirt for her eldest daughter, Princess of Asturias.

Queen Letizia at the dinner. / Getreth

This article was written by one of the greatest experts in the Belgian royal family, a journalist Wim Dehanschutin collaboration with style experts, Jerka Van Duis. A report claims Donna Letizia is one of the best-dressed royals on the European stage.

The Queen’s style is defined in the text as “playful”. Of all the European royals, Queen Letizia has the most adventures and surprises. For example, he didn’t hesitate to use H&M’s low-cost model at a dinner party in Stockholm.One of the great symbols from the princess’ wardrobe Sweden wins, The queen knows how to elevate herself with accessories.

Aside from her ability to convey a message through fashion, one of the keys to her dressing room is the way she utilizes the clothing she owns, known as “save mode.” She is one of the royals who recycle the most models, able to give it a new look through accessories or different combinations. This is especially important given the general crisis in the world today.


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