Queen Letizia returns to spring with Marta Ortega’s clone dress


Lady Letizia has closed his weekly agenda with a visit to Tenerife of notable importance. Together with Felipe VI, they have delivered the Gold Medals for Merit in Fine Arts 2021 that recognize the people and entities that have excelled in the field of artistic creation, providing designated services or clearly promoting the teaching, development and dissemination of art or the conservation of the national artistic heritage.

The Kings, Felipe and Letizia, in Tenerife.

In the closest memory, an intense week lasts for the Queen, with two appearances that have been highly commented. Last Monday she left a good feeling thanks to her Hugo Boss red coat, which she wore at the X Summit of Women Jurists. A day later she caused a sensation with a outfits winner in the Cerecedo Awards, always become one of his favorite appointments. There she used a shiny black dress, midi cut, short sleeves and boat neck by Felipe Varela.

The bar and the expectation were high for its landing on island territory. But Letizia always knows how to surpass herself and to deliver the medals she has recovered her famous red dress from Zara. The same one that Marta Ortega, president of the Inditex Group, wore for the presentation of the Narciso Rodríguez collection for Zara. It is a model that went on sale for 139 euros and sold out in a matter of hours; a garment as basic as it is stylish. As accessories, the Queen has opted for a matching black bag and pumps; As jewels, she has worn her inseparable Karen Hallam ring and citrine and diamond earrings.

Doña Letizia, dressed in orange / Gtres
Doña Letizia, dressed in orange.

It has especially attracted attention that Letizia has recovered the short sleeve in the middle of December, with the cold making an appearance throughout the country. But in the case of Tenerife It is very different since the Canary Islands enjoy absolutely spring temperatures now. Without going any further, this Thursday they have reached 23º Celsius at the time of the event.

in the chapter of awardedhave been awarded a Gold Medal: the dancer Maribel Gallardo, the poet Julia Uceda Valiente, the Black Week of Gijón, the film director Agustí Villaronga, the Max Aub Foundation, the cartoonist Paco Roca, Javier Bardemthe Martín Chirino Art and Thought Foundation, the Amaral music group, the businessman Daniel Martínez de Obregón, Jaume Plensa, the photographer Colita, Ana Locking, the Cerezales Antonino y Cinia Foundation, Genis Matabosch, the illustrator and writer Carme Solé, the Drac Mágic entity, the singer-songwriter and poet Pablo Guerrero, the photojournalist Chema Conesa, the Board of Qualification, Valuation and Export of Historical Heritage Assets of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the singer Mayte Martín, icíar bollainthe composer Teresa Catalán Sánchez, the Hispanist Ian Gibson, Javier Gurruchaga, the soprano Saioa Hernández, the writer Juan Muñoz Martín, the video game developers Paco Portalo and Paco Suárez, Anton Reixa and Dove Saint Basil. Likewise, and posthumously, Ramón Casas Vallès has been awarded.

Paloma San Basilio, in the delivery of the Gold Medals / Gtres
Paloma San Basilio, in the delivery of the Gold Medals.

It has not been the only act that the Kings have carried out in Tenerife territory. Subsequently, have received in audience a representation of the Activoz Association, founded in September 2017 in La Laguna by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the intervention of development difficulties. This association was created in order to offer better resources to people with disabilities. Its main objective is to promote and encourage an active and quality life, accessible and full to people with functional diversity.


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