Queen Letizia and Máxima miss Camila’s conclave of royals


the agenda of the Queen Camilla each time it begins to acquire a greater international dimension. This week, the King Charles III He was hosting a state visit for the first time, that of the President of South Africa. A visit that was planned before the death of Queen Elizabeth and in which the new Queen Consort has shone in a special way, with historical pieces from Queen Elizabeth’s jeweler. This is not the only important appointment for Camila Parker-Bowles in the coming days. As has been reported, next Tuesday, November 29, The Queen will host a conclave of royals for a good cause. A meeting at Buckingham Palace to which Queen Letizia will not attendalthough in the case of Felipe VI’s wife, her absence will be due to another very special appointment on her agenda.

The Kings Carlos III and Camila Parker in an official act.

However, the Spanish consort will not be the only one absent from this meeting, which is not expected to be attended by another of the most popular royals in Europe: máxima of holland. In the case of both, it is due to agenda issues.

Camila Parker-Bowles will chair an event focused on the fight against violence against women. A gathering scheduled to be attended by the Countess of Wessex, Queen Mathilda of the Belgians, the Queen Rania of Jordan the princess mary from denmark. It will be the first time that Camila meets the latter two since she has assumed her new role, beyond the events on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s farewell last September in London, which were attended by numerous well-known faces from the royalty. The presence of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, is not expected, however.

Camilla Parker and King Carlos III
Camilla Parker-Bowles and King Carlos III looking at each other in an act.

The act is celebrated just a few days after the Day against Gender Violence, a cause with which Queen Camila is very involved. In fact, she plans to meet with several experts on this subject and affected. Therefore, it is not strange that she has opted for this issue for her first great solo reception and that she has summoned royals on whose agendas Gender Violence occupies a prominent place. It is also the case of the Queen Letiziawho also received an award for his contribution some time ago.

Queen Letizia, in red, at an event in Barcelona.

In the case of King Carlos, he has already been able to meet with some royals since he became the new head of state. For example, he received King Abdallah of Jordan at Buckingham Palace and, more recently, King Felipe VI, with whom he met at Clarence House just a few days ago, coinciding with the Spanish monarch’s attendance at a dinner at the british capital. A meeting in which the good harmony between both sovereigns was evident.


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