Queen Letizia and her other Felipe: the moments that we had forgotten


Queen Letizia wanted to take advantage of her attendance at the Cerecedo Awards, one of her most outstanding annual events on her agenda, to show that Felipe Varela continues to be one of the leading firms in her wardrobe, despite the continuous rumors that his relationship with the designer has long been on the wane.

Being aware that this official act is the one that has brought him the most stylistic value due to the impressive, controversial and applauded looks that he has worn in each of its editions, and one of the only ones in which he has dared to risk in As far as outfits are concerned, in the 2022 edition, held last Tuesday, the wife of King Felipe VI took the opportunity to once again value the work of the former your header designer donning one of the most successful dresses in her dressing room signed by the Madrid expert.

Queen Letizia at the Cerecedo / Gtres Awards

For this appointment in which she already knew that the focus was going to be placed, fundamentally, on her styling, the Queen opted for the midi-length jewel dress, short sleeves and bateau neckline, in blue neoprene, with beaded brocade and hand embroidered with thread, glass and metal, from the prominent haute couture firm. A design that debuted at the 2018 Princess of Asturias Awards and with whom he knew that applause was more than guaranteed after verifying his great success again at the 70th edition of the Premios Planeta, held in 2021.

It is true that this piece is considered one of the most precious creations by Felipe Varela for Queen Letizia. But it is not the only one with which her Majesty has managed to succeed. The truth is that there have been several great moments experienced by the consort and the exclusive brand over the last few years, as it should be noted that Doña Letizia always used to trust Varela for her most relevant and special appointments, something that, apparently, he plans to continue doing, although it is no longer so frequently due to his clear interest in forming a wardrobe bottom more heterogeneous and varied.

Queen Letizia at the 2017 Princess of Asturias Awards / Gtres
Queen Letizia at the 2017 Princess of Asturias Awards / Gtres

One of the last premieres of Felipe Varela made by the daughter-in-law of King Juan Carlos dates back to 2017, specifically, to the delivery ceremony of the Princess of Asturias Awards. It is a New Look cut dress with a mandarin collar, off-the-shoulder sleeves and a flared midi skirt, made with white silk and oriental-inspired black thread embroidery, which she rescued on October 6 for an official act at the Royal Academy of Engineering of Madrid.

The design that he wore in April 2015 at the Awards of the magazine did not go unnoticed either. Woman. In this case, the garment in question was none other than an impressive black strapless knee-length dress, which drew attention due to the crystals and micro-sequins that made it up, although it should be noted that, more than the dress , the true protagonist of said day was the drastic change of look with which the Queen surprised, A most flattering bob cut.

Queen Letizia at the Woman Awards 2015 / Gtres
Queen Letizia at the Woman Awards 2015 / Gtres

And it is that, although there are many more creations by Felipe Varela that have led Queen Letizia to be on everyone’s lips, one with which she managed to earn the so-called ‘ideal guest’ label, was the one she exhibited at the wedding of Guillermo de Luxemburgo and Stéphanie de Lannoy, a nuptial event in which the wife of King Felipe looked spectacular with a two-piece formed for a plum silk crepe dress and a nude flower and pearl embroidered ‘coat’.


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