Queen Elizabeth will no longer own the sovereign “jewel of the Caribbean”


The end of 2021 is not easy Queen Isabel. A few days ago, the monarch cancelled the trip to the hospital and was staying overnight in the hospital. Northern Ireland For health reasons, no more details have been disclosed. At the age of 95, after hardships, the monarch continues to fulfill her official promise at the foot of the canyon, but it seems that the doctors have expressed the need to treat things more calmly. In fact, from now on, a new premise has been added to her irretrievably shortened schedule: She will always be accompanied by another senior member of the “office”, so that in case of discomfort, someone can Replace her without having to cancel any promises.

Queen Elizabeth on crutches / Gtres

However, apart from this problem, more than a month after the end of the year, The queen faces a reorganization in the region where she is head of stateIt was last year that the Barbados government announced its plan to become a republic.

Until now, Barbados is one of the 16 independent countries of the Commonwealth, But by November 30 next year, Elizabeth II will no longer have sovereignty. Sandra Mason, 72, will be sworn in as the first female president of Barbados on the same day after receiving two-thirds of the votes in the joint meeting of the Barbados Senate and House of Representatives.

Queen Isabel
Queen Elizabeth/Gtres in the file picture

It will do so on a particularly important day in the country, which coincides with 55th anniversary of independence from BritainThe former lawyer has served as the Governor of the island since 2018, and she is also the first woman in the Barbados Court of Appeal. This decision made Barbados, a small developing country, another participant in international politics. Barbados is not the first former British colony in the Caribbean to become a Republic, but there are other precedents. Guyana did this in 1970, followed by Trinidad and Tobago in 1976 and Dominica in 1978.

Barbados Prime Minister Mia Motley stated that the country’s decision to become a republic is by no means a condemnation of Britain’s past. In fact, they hope to continue their relationship with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and focus their country’s efforts on facing The difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change, the latter being Prince Charles and Duke of Cambridge.

Prince Charles in Barbados/Gtres

Today, Barbados is one of the tourist attractions of Barbados Caribbean Lesser AntillesIt covers an area of ​​430 square kilometers and is located 300 kilometers east of Venezuela.

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