Queen Elizabeth revealed her Christmas plans to her family


Although she hasn’t participated in public events for several weeks, Queen Isabel expect Christmas is coming. Several British media confirmed this, and they assured the Queen that she was eager to reunite with her family at her Norfolk residence. Sandringham, Where these festivals are traditionally celebrated.

Queen Elizabeth’s recent photos / Gtres

Without official confirmation from Buckingham Palace, everything seems to indicate His Majesty It is positive, and she is recovering well from the severe back pain that prevented her from participating in the event a few days ago. Anniversary celebration, He is expected to reappear outside of institutional activities in two weeks.

despite this, Sovereign states continue to fulfill many of their commitments in private, At his residence in Windsor Castle. In recent days, the palace press department has released several pictures of different audiences and meetings held by the Queen. People praised her for looking good and continuing at the foot of the canyon. However, it has been revealed that in the face of her possible return to activities outside of Windsor, she will no longer participate in any activities alone, but will be accompanied by another elderly family member to avoid possible cancellations at the last minute And cause frustration.

Queen Isabel
Queen Elizabeth getting off the train / Gtres

A source close to the Queen assured that, Your Majesty has announced to other family members that he feels better, and his greatest wish is to be able to celebrate the holiday together in NorfolkNot surprisingly, the pandemic forced the cancellation of this special celebration last year, in which a series of unique traditions were fulfilled, such as weighing participants when they arrived at the house and when they left—see how much weight they gained, And on this basis, evaluate their level of enjoyment these days-or the ridiculous and original gift delivered to the family on the evening of December 24.

A few days ago, the doctor authorized the queen to go to Sandringham. According to various sources, the queen should have started to supervise Christmas preparations there. This is what she personally likes to do.

Queen Isabel

For Windsor, this will be a different holiday, which is characterized by no Duke of Edinburgh, He died in April last year, just before he was a hundred years old. Although the queen continues to be very committed to her role, the reality is that the past few months have been very difficult for her and have had an impact on her mental and health levels.We must not forget that Prince Felipe himself retired from institutional life at the age of ninety-five. This seems to be something she is unwilling to do, especially when he celebrates him next summer. Platinum Jubilee.

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