Queen Elizabeth II’s mistake, which she never forgave herself, is her biggest regret


queen elizabeth ii lived a full life United Kingdom monarch for most of seven decades. However, there is one moment in her entire reign that she has always regretted and made her feel remorse for life. This happened in October 1966. Aberfan, Wales It was here in the village that a tragedy occurred when a mine dump collapsed on the school.

In this disaster, 144 people died, of which 116 were elementary school students. All the moments after the tragedy demanded What in be present and show your presence at such a difficult time. But instead, she sent her husband, Prince Phillip, to school. Failure to appear at the place where the tragedy occurred was heavily criticized by the media.

After 9 days, the queen finally arrived. It was one of the few occasions when Queen Elizabeth II publicly cried, this tragedy deeply shocked her. Of all the kids in the school. 116 of them died and 145 survived. The queen vowed to correct her belated reply. She visited Aberfan four more times during her life.

At one such moment, the queen opened a new school in honor of all the children who were killed. But she always regretted that she did not go to the place immediately after their death, this is known as Her Majesty’s greatest regret. All the times she attended afterwards were seen as her attempt to correct her mistake. In addition, it is believed that the late queen had very few other regrets in her life.

Netflix’s The Crown has a full episode of the Aberfan disaster.

In season 3 The Crown from Netflix this moment in the history of the queen’s life received a full hour of narration in the third episode. The resemblance of the fictional story to what actually happened is striking. You can watch it right now, you don’t have to watch any of the previous episodes if you haven’t watched the other two seasons of the show.



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