Queen Elizabeth forced to slow down her health work


this Queen Isabel It has been forced to rest on the busy schedule it has maintained in recent weeks. 95 years old, after months of complicated time Duke of Edinburgh Regarding the constant ups and downs experienced by the image of the crown, the king had to slow down due to the doctor’s advice. Last week, official sources at Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Queen would cancel her stay in Northern Ireland on the doctor’s recommendation and revealed that she had spent the night in the hospital for an examination. Although no more details were provided about the state of sovereign states, at the beginning of this week, Elizabeth II restored her institutional agenda remotely, something she has been doing since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles / Gtres

The queen, dressed in yellow with a bright smile, received the ambassador of the Republic of Korea in a virtual audience at Windsor Castle. However, this apparent return to normal is not what it seems on the surface. Soon after he fulfilled this promise, it was confirmed that His Majesty would not attend the climate summit in Glasgow next week because his doctor advised him to rest. Because of her firm commitment to the agency, although she planned to record a video for screening during the event, the sovereign reluctantly accepted the decision to a certain extent.

Queen Isabel
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However, this breakthrough will mean that the king’s routine has changed for the third time. It is understood that from now on, her schedule will be reduced, and she is not expected to participate in any activities alone. On the other hand, considering her advanced age, this is understandable, if you also consider her husband, Prince PhilipAt the age of 95, he decided to quit institutional life. Isabel II would not consider the reality anyway, and she would not give the baton to the new generation, although now she has no choice but to slow down.

Queen Elizabeth in a virtual audience / Gtres

So things, as confirmed by the newspapers Telegraph, The monarch will continue to fulfill some institutional commitments, but will be accompanied by another senior member of the royal family. If Isabel II is unwell, he should decide to comply with the inconvenience caused by the cancellation action. This is resolved in the presence of another royal family. In case there is no setback, he will act as a support to the monarch. The most common people who play this role are Princess Anne, the Earl of Wessex, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Carlos Or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, although in extreme cases other lower-ranking members can do the same, such as the Duke of Kent, who has accompanied his Majesty in the last military parade.

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