Quarterback fired for celebrating touchdown by smoking weed (VIDEO)


BUT defender in Fan controlled football league went too far with an outrageous celebration and the athlete cost him his job for lighting marijuana cigarette.

QB weed video

Jason Stewartwho defended Zappers, celebrated the touchdown pass by lighting a joint. He then smoked it out on the field as he approached the touchline.

Fan Controlled Football later issued a statement after Stewart lit a cigarette and announced that he had been cut.

Fan-controlled football statement

“Jason Stewart has been fired from the Zappers for violating league policy,” the statement said. “While The FCF fully supports the responsible use of cannabis by players.unfortunately this remains illegal in the state of Georgia and is prohibited at our venue and property. partners, so our no-smoking policy on these sites is well known to all of our players.”

Athletes should be an example to society, and seeing the leader of a football team smoke weed is clearly not worth it, and it cost Jason Stewart heavy sanctions. Did the quarterback learn his lesson?


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