Qlan is ready for the full launch of the model; aims to create a sustainable esports ecosystem through the social networks of avid gamers – News235


The beta part of the platform has gathered over 50,000 customers; full model application will further enhance the creation of distinctive groups

Qlan, an Indian-only solution- and discovery-oriented networking app for avid gamers and esports enthusiasts, has launched a full version of the app to provide avid gamers with unique online experiences and alternatives. The device is available on the Playstore for Android, and an iOS model could arrive in the next 15 days.

The latest and optimized model of Qlan will pay attention to facilitate the search for players, teams, organizations and esports tournaments on the platform by introducing unique filters and selling esports tournaments to diversify registration for organizers and publishers with a data-driven achievement algorithm.

A number of options, such as “Qlan Qoins”, which can be earned by completing certain missions on the platform, can be redeemed at Qlan Retailer for sports and cash vouchers, in addition to digital and bodily benefits that include personalized stickers, gaming goodies and more. The complete model of the application will allow even avid gamers to chat flawlessly with each other via automatic chats and synchronize and replace in-game statistics on their profile.


“Our imaginative and forward-looking creation of an ecosystem for avid gamers that can recognize and reward their expertise, help them grow as a group and showcase their skills has grown significantly over the course of the beta launch. We have managed to achieve regular natural registrations and spectacular engagement numbers in the Beta portion, and its optimistic effect so far is very satisfying. After all, this is just the beginning with additional loads in the retail store. We must ensure that no gaming expertise in the country goes unnoticed and our platform is accessible to gaming and esports enthusiasts, offering them a suitable alternative and entry into commerce and people that matter.” said Sagar Nair, co-founder and CEO of Qlan.

The platform also put emphasis on revitalizing its brand new video interface, developed entirely for gaming content. Customers will even be able to play interactive in-app video games to earn profitable in-game money and rewards comparable to in-game currencies, pocket money, sports passes for video games on mobile phones, personal computers and consoles.

The deeper understanding of our group that we have achieved during the beta phase is a big motivation for us to work hard to make this platform more dynamic. Our goal is to develop the platform so that every minute spent in the application by avid gamers becomes invaluable and satisfying knowledge. An ever-growing gaming house in India wants a community like Qlan to help budding hardcore gamers turn pro and make invaluable industry connections, help them build and advance their careers, and take concrete action. We hope our customers will be able to enjoy and benefit from all the interactive updates that have been introduced on the latest model.” said Navin Talreja, co-founder and COO of Qlan.

To date, Qlan has recorded an average daily engagement time of more than 18 minutes with over 100,000 submissions of distinctive content.


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