Qatar’s energy minister criticizes German finance minister and demands that the West accept an anti-LGBTQ stance


Qatar’s energy minister, Saad Sharida al-Kaabi, is angry with Germany after comments made by Germany’s finance minister, Robert Habeck, about the World Cup. Habeck “claimed that corruption explained why Qatar was hosting the soccer World Cup.” Habeck was right. Former CIA officer Kevin Chalker is now under FBI scrutiny for interfering in the selection process for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Games, undermining what should have been a fair process.

Qatar is also offended by Western criticism of its implementation of Sharia during the World Cup: how dare anyone criticize Islam? That implementation included:

  • The ban on cooked kosher food and Jewish prayers.
  • The threat to female fans that they could end up in jail if they don’t dress “properly”.
  • prohibition of beer
  • The requirement to download data tracking spyware.


  • Qatar’s UN envoy called Jews ‘our enemies’ and invoked Allah’s curse on homosexuals.
  • Five Australian women, among others, are suing Qatar for forced humiliating airport screenings at gunpoint.

The list goes on. Qatar expected Western dhimmis to abide by Islamic laws. And there was no widespread boycott. Qatar has seen a way to manipulate weak infidels into compliance. Tony Blair recently lashed out at Qatar’s critics because Qatar “gives us money”. Western countries ruled by the weak globalist agenda will be increasingly enslaved by Islamic and communist countries.

“This is what the Qatari minister says about Habeck’s bow”, translated from “Das sagt der Katar-Minister über den Habeck-Knicks”, by Paul Ronzheimer, Bild, November 30, 2022:

It is probably the most explosive interview of the World Cup!

On Tuesday morning, Qatari Energy Minister Saad Sharida al-Kaabi (55) signed a gas deal with Germany: Starting in 2026, Qatar will supply Germany with two million tons of liquefied LNG gas every year . Shortly after, BILD summons the minister for an interview.

He raises serious accusations against Finance Minister Robert Habeck (53, Greens), and attacks Germany and the West, saying his country will never accept gay people.

This is what the Qatari minister says about…

► … the late start of delivery: “As you know, there is no terminal in Germany. A new one is currently being built.” Meaning: The LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel (Schleswig-Holstein).

► … more gas offers: “We will deliver as much as we receive orders”. Is there a maximum amount? “Not really.” Qatar is building “the world’s largest fleet of ships” to export its liquefied natural gas.

► … Finance Minister Habeck’s statement that hosting the World Cup in Qatar “can only be explained by corruption”: “If you accuse someone of corruption, you have to show proof. You are legally responsible if you say someone is corrupt.” Habeck should “have more respect for Qatar and the Qatari people.”

► …meeting Habeck in the summer. Did the German minister address the human rights situation, eg poor working conditions for guest workers, rights of sexual minorities? Al-Kaabi: “When he was here in Qatar, the only thing he talked about was whether we could deliver more gas.”

BUT: When asked by BILD, Habeck had a spokeswoman contradict him: Habeck “also discussed the issue of human rights and social values” in Qatar.

► … the famous photo of the Knicks: “I don’t like the photo because it shows Mr. Habeck leaning towards me. That was not the case at all.” The minister “came into the room and wanted to say hello.” Al-Kaabi was on the phone and I “didn’t know” if there was any special custom when greeting people.

The German minister did not bow. “He seems like he’s bowing down to me, but he didn’t do that at all and it’s wrong to show it like that.”

► … the Greens: Qatar “has been trying to get gas to Germany for years.” Due to “green pressure”, Germany wanted “no LNG and no gas” in recent years. Now the federal government has “turned 180 degrees” because of the war in Ukraine.

► … the rights of gay people: Because homosexuality is a punishable offense in Qatar, there is a risk of imprisonment or even death: “If you want to visit Qatar, we don’t have a problem with that. They attend the World Cup and we don’t have a problem with that.” PURPOSE: “As Muslims, we believe that LGBTQ* is not acceptable in our religion.” Islamic law does not accept LGBTQ.

► … the power of Islam: “There are a billion Muslims all over the world.” And: “You can’t change a billion people. (…) We are proud of our religion”.

► … Criticism of the brutal discrimination against homosexuals, which is expressed in Germany, among others: “The West says that we as Qataris have to change. That we have to change our religion, our beliefs, and do what they think is right: fully accept LGBTQ. Where is my human right to choose what I want for my religion, my country, my children and my family? The West wants to “dictate what it wants” to Qatar….


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