Qatar World Cup: These are FIFA exclusive packages


His countdown Qatar World Cup It’s already started. The prestigious football match will be held next year and is expected to be a historic month. First of all, because the World Cup is held outside the summer season, this will be the first time in history. The most prestigious national team trophy will be held between November and December. A trip to the UAE is not easy, but fans have been looking for opportunities to enjoy an unforgettable event there for months.

Considering all those who want to stay in Qatar, FIFA has issued an appeal Hospitality package. This is an organized travel package to the country where the World Cup will be hosted. Unsurprisingly, luxury goods are the real stars.The organization is committed to combining passion with travel, so that anyone who wants to see the choices they need since then can use the program Including travel, hotel and game entrance fees.

Qatar Stadium Simulation will host the 2022 World Cup / Gtres

FIFA’s motto is “unforgettable luxury experience”, and strive to facilitate the journey to Arabia, which is not easy and does not fit all budgets.Proposal to go From the cheapest 850 Euro to 20,000 Euro This is the most expensive option.

“Match Club” Pack

850 euros and two stars. This is the most economical. However, if all packages are good, including, it is that they can guarantee skip-the-line access to the stadium.The ticket in this package can ensure access to the heated tent within the safe area of ​​the stadium, food style Street food, Wine and beer, service before and after the game, parking and gifts don’t forget to experience.

“Game Hall” package

1686 euros and 3 stars. The jewel in the crown. This package guarantees the best Class 1 tickets to watch football from a good location. In addition to all the luxury items mentioned in the first option, you can also enjoy live music performances, taste the cooked food menu, the service of the artisan booth, welcome cocktails, soft drinks and spirits.

“Matching business seats” package

4 stars and 2,700 euros. There are more and more luxury goods. This package gives you access to the best tickets available, the highest category. The biggest difference is staying in a spectacular lounge where the chefs cook.

“Matching Private Suite” package

20,000 euros and 5 stars. Without a doubt, this is one of the best travel options. FIFA describes this bag as “exclusiveness, privacy, comfort.” Including suite accommodation with stadium view, private five-course dinner, champagne, selected wines, premium spirits, etc.As if this were not enough, full-service guarantee during the conference, preferential parking and commemorative gifts

One of the packages/View provided by FIFA
One of the packages/View provided by FIFA

Packaging “Pearl Lounge”

4,400 euros and 6 stars. It is not the most expensive, but it offers the best location and countryside views, personalized service, six-course gourmet tasting, menus and menus from the best chefs, special guests (great mystery), all the advantages except the ones mentioned above .

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