Qatar does not respect the United States. Why should we respect it?


Muslim Brotherhood groups, backed by Qatar, have made common cause with the worst awakenings.

Like a dog catching a car, Qatar got the World Cup only to finally remind everyone that it is an Islamist tyranny where there is no beer and any dissent from the Islamic theocracy is swiftly punished.

MSNBC personalities and some “conservative” influencers pulled the “It’s Your Country” letter.

Qatar is a slave state dominated by a small number of oil tribesmen who are allowed to back the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban and a variety of other jihadists under US military protection.

Meanwhile, Qatar’s Al Jazeera is one of the loudest exponents of the awakening in the United States. He regularly pushes for identity politics of the most toxic kind, even though he disagrees with his own Islamic beliefs, simply because it undermines America.

Qatar-backed Muslim Brotherhood groups have made common cause with the worst awakenings and movements in America.

If Qatar wants us to respect their right to run their own affairs, then they can get away with it. Since there is no chance of that happening, we have every right to tear apart the tyranny of Islamic terrorism for its corruption and hypocrisy. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is simply not aware of what Qatar is doing to us in our own country. And you may want to learn about the Muslim Brotherhood.


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