Putin’s Own Rasputin: Neo-Nazi Writer Claiming Russia Should Rule All of Europe


TOAlexander Dugin is called “Putin’s brain”. This is a Russian thinker who advocated an invasion of Ukraine for a while declaring that Russia should rule “from Vladivostok to Dublin”.

Dugin was considered a philosopher, political analyst, mystic, and also a fascist. He is popular for promoting the idea of ​​”Eurasian rule” in which Russia is the overlord.

Probably because of his appearance, some say that he looks like a mysterious unravelRussian, adviser to the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II.

Dugin was born in Moscow in 1962, when the Soviet Union was still a stronghold of socialist ideals; he began his writing career in the 1980s, during the collapse of the Soviet Union, and rose to fame with his 1997 book Fundamentals of Geopolitics, which proposes a neo-fascist idea of ​​”neo-Eurasianism”.

I founded the National Bolshevik Party

In 1993, Dugin, along with fellow Soviet dissident Eduard Limonov, founded the National Bolshevik Party.

Basics neo-Eurasianism is based on the belief that there are “land powers” and “sea powers” in the world and that Russia, as a great land power, should have control and influence over all of Europe and Asia.

He believes that the United States is one of the enemies

He also believes that the Russians have divine right to expand and is firmly convinced that Russia is the current reincarnation of the Hyperborean civilization, which needs to fight the modern “Atlanteans”, meaning the United States.

It turns out that his literature is given to Russian soldiers in the academies.

According to Marlene Laruelle, director of the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at George Washington University, his literature, which proclaims a worldview based on paranoia was a requirement that Russian soldiers had to learn while studying at the academies.

Some geopolitical experts believe that he has a huge impact on Insert and politics born of the militant desire of the Russians for global conquest.

It turns out that the billionaire Konstantin Malofeev is behind him.

Presumably, Dugin is backed by a billionaire businessman. Konstantin Malofeev, who is on the board of directors of the Russian TV channel Tsargrad, which Dugin often used together with the American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Allegedly, Konstantin Malofeev is on the international wanted list.

In addition, Molofeev received fines from the United States, the European Union and Canada, as well as the Ukrainians accused him of creating a paramilitary group, because of which he was put on the international wanted list.

It remains to be seen how deeply he is involved in Russian politics and what is its real reach.


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