Putin will soon have surgery for cancer


RPresident of Russia Vladimir Putin will soon undergo surgery for cancer, according to the British newspaper The Sun, which cites Kremlin insiders as its source.

In his absence, his current chief of intelligence, Nikolai Patrushevreplace the current leader.

Despite the fact that Patrushevname unknown to the general public, he is a very important figure in the invasion of Ukraine.

In fact, he was instrumental in starting the war, according to The Sun, by persuading Insert that Ukraine is full of Nazis and needs to be pacified.

Putin’s reasons for invading Ukraine

this is not the first time Inserthealth problems emerged. The newspaper recalls that these messages appeared a year and a half ago.

Then the Russian media “General SVR” reported that the president would have an operation.

In any case, the same sources indicate that Vladimir PutinHis absence will be short-lived, so his distance from the front line in terms of decision-making may not be particularly noticeable. A date for his operation has not yet been set.

Reports indicate that Putin’s illness is not serious, although doctors have explained that it is progressing and that action will be required to avoid complications in the future.


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