Putin wants to win by cold: he has destroyed 30% of Ukraine’s power generation capacity


Last Saturday, October 8, full trucks Explosives blew up the Kerch Bridge, cutting off the land route linking the Crimean peninsula to Russian territory. Two days later, Russia began a “retaliatory operation” and has systematically bombed Ukraine with long-range missiles, with a particular preference for cities that have long seen the war from a distance, such as Kyiv’s residential areas, fundamentally electricity and energy bases facility.Winter has always been a key element in warfare Vladimir Putin He wanted him to be on his side.

The cold not only chills already many bones, but can be the deciding factor in any fight. From those Roman centurions who couldn’t defend against Germanic tribes because their blades were frozen in their sheaths, to Hitler’s Germany’s failed attempt to take Russia during World War II. The cold hardens the terrain and complicates advancing and moving Heavy vehicle, but when it arrives in the form of snow and turns to dirt, it makes the movement of any army more difficult, whether in full attack or defensive retreat.

In the past 72 hours, Russia has not stopped firing missiles (Not much effect, by the way, suggesting that precision projectiles are becoming scarce).For three days he was particularly interested in powering the electricity and energy infrastructure in parts of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. In fact, Herman HarushchenkoUkraine’s energy minister reported on Wednesday that at least 30 percent of such infrastructure was destroyed or at least hit by Russian missiles in the last salvo.

This is how Ukraine rebuilds the damage caused by Putin missiles in 24 hours: ‘We have bit the bullet’

Much of the country’s capital, Kyiv, spent the night in darkness, with Lviv, Poltava, Sumy, Kharkov and Ternopol regions without electricity and internet throughout Monday. Furthermore, after the first bombing, Harushchenko’s ministry stated that, These attacks on energy infrastructure are ‘largest in the entire war’ And forced his country to “suspend electricity exports from October 11 to stabilize its own energy system”.

The Energy Ministry said in June last year it expected to collect 1.5 billion euros by the end of the year from electricity exports to the European Union, its main energy export market since the war began. Now, with the attack affecting “the entire supply chain,” Zelensky is forced to ask his citizens to save as much electricity as possible in their daily lives.

In fact, Russia has attacked the Sumy area with artillery, Power outage in two districts, and the energy infrastructure of the Kamensk district of the Dnipropetrovsk region sparked a fire. “Rescue crews are putting out the fire. Electrical engineers will then try to restore the equipment. Save electricity! At home, at work. where possible. Now it’s very important,” asked Valentyn Reznichenko, head of the Regional Military Administration.

As far as power companies are concerned, they have warned citizens that there is a high probability of planned outages to balance power demand and supply while maintenance continues. According to the electricity transmission system operator Ukrenergo, partial cuts have been implemented in Kyiv and six regions in central Ukraine as electricity consumption increased by 6 percent compared to Tuesday, according to the EFE.


However, the areas of greatest concern are Zaporozhye’s nuclear power plant is the largest in Europe and runs on just two diesel generators After being disconnected from the grid during the bombing affecting the “Dniproprovska” substation, less than 100 kilometers from the front line, bombardment continued in the vicinity.

The plant became a key point in Ukraine’s new counteroffensive, not so much because of the possible risk of a nuclear accident, but also because Zelensky needed to restore the ZNPP to reconnect it to the power system against the backdrop of continued bombardment of the energy infrastructure , and ensure a continuous supply in winter.

Putin threatens Ukraine with ‘firm response’ after bombing of Kyiv

Meanwhile, the Argentine Rafael Grossi, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, continued his unsuccessful pilgrimage from Kiev to Moscow, where he met Zelensky and Putin for a mission at the nuclear power plant. Create a restricted area around it. was categorically rejected by the Kremlin.

air defense

At the same time, the Secretary of Defense, Oleksi Reznikovannounced on Wednesday that a “new era of air defense” was beginning after confirming that Ukraine had received Germany’s first system Iris-TUkrainian army sources say its powerful radar can better detect Russian missiles.Although the system NASA The Americans are “on the way too,” Reznikov stressed that Ukraine needs more of these weapons.

according to Victor Kevlyukmilitary analyst at the Ukrainian Defense Strategy Center, it is necessary to establish Prioritization among multiple potential targets Air protection is currently required. “There is no doubt that critical energy infrastructure must be at the top of the list,” the analyst told Efe, explaining that prior to the invasion, the core of Ukraine’s air defenses consisted of about 250 Soviet-made S-300 systems.


Although there are no official figures on the current figures and their origin, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army, Valery Zarouzhnystressed on Monday that they were forced to Repel Russian attack with Soviet-era ‘insufficient’ weaponsStill, Ukraine successfully intercepted 63 of the 113 Russian missiles (about 56 percent) on Monday and part of Tuesday, according to the latest data available.

According to Kevliuk, the IRIS-T and NASAMS systems would be a welcome addition, but other types of systems are also needed to create a defense with weapons of various ranges.He specifically mentioned the British system Rapier Loomwhich can be used to protect airport or energy infrastructure and systems stupid Spain has promised Currently training the Ukrainian army to use it.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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