Putin uses JK Rowling to complain about cancellation culture, she puts him in his place


Pa citizen Vladimir Putin He is living in their own bubble, thinking that might be used by JK Rowling as an example of how the whole world is trying to undo it. To express their opinion on the contentious issue – is one thing, killing civilians with rockets This is completely different. This is proof that Vladimir Putin does not live in the reality in which the rest of the world now lives. In a recent speech, he offered a sympathetic Russian President compared the situation in his country with the way the world has decided to “cancel” the author of “Harry Potter” J. K. Rowling. But Putin went even further in their comparisons, comparing the opposition against him with these Nazis during World War II.

That’s what Putin said: “George. Rowling was simply because she did not meet the requirements of gender rights. They are now trying to abolish our nation. I’m talking about the progressive discrimination of all, with regard to Russia. trying to cancel the entire thousand-year culture-our narod.Oni prohibit Russian writers and knigi.My remember frames when burning knigi.V our country is impossible to imagine, and we are insured against this because of our culture. And it is inseparable for us from our homeland, Russia, where there is no place of ethnic intolerance, where for centuries lived together representatives of dozens of ethnic groups. “

JK Rowling’s response to Vladimir Putin.

Despite not currently being one of the most popular characters in popular culture, JK Rowling decided to respond to Vladimir Putin’s words with a short but to the point tweet: “Perhaps the critique of Western cancellation culture is best done by those who currently who kills civilians for the sake of crime resistance, or who imprisons and poisons his critics. I support Ukraine,” she wrote. There’s still no confirmation that Putin responded to Rowling’s tweet, but the exchange certainly evokes a time when Donald Trump was repeatedly rejected by artists when he tried to use their material for campaign purposes.


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