Putin turns to ‘Russian Napoleon’ against Ukraine: Appoints General Sulovykin as new military chief


The Russian Ministry of Defense has appointed generals. Sergei Surovikin as new commander of the country’s forces in Ukraine. Just a week before Moscow had to turn to what could be ‘Russian Napoleon’ After the withdrawal of the strategic city of Liman due to the Ukrainian offensive.

So far, Surowikin has commanded the southern flank during the conflict Former commander-in-chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The 55-year-old Novosibirsk-born general, who was sanctioned by the European Union in February, also took part in the second campaign in Chechnya and the conflict in Tajikistan, according to statements collected by the Russian Defense Ministry.Depend on interface.

From 1991 to 1795

But he is also known for his performance at pro-democracy demonstrations in Russia in the 1990s. The failed coup in August 1991Sulovkin, then a captain, led a rifle division to break through the barricades set up by the protesters.in confrontation three dead One of them was crushed.

Grigory Yudin, a Russian political scientist and sociologist, wrote: “It is highly symbolic that Sergei Surovikin is now in charge of the latest effort to restore the Soviet Union.” guardian“These people knew what they were doing in 1991, and they know now,” he added.

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That is The first parallel with Napoleon Bonaparte. On October 5, 1795, the Corsicans repressed in the same way Harvest the royalist uprising of the 13th day, According to the Revolutionary Calendar, between September 22nd and October 21st.

At that time, they monarchists who locked themselves in churches San Roque dand Paris. Bonaparte responded by firing his cannon forward and shelling the atrium of the temple. This was the general’s first major weapon feat.

Expedition to Syria

But the veteran Led a Russian military expedition to Syria in 2017he was accused of using “Controversial” Strategy These included the indiscriminate bombardment of anti-government fighters.

This is the second similarity with Bonaparte. In 1978, proclaimed emperor four years later, proposed to implement expedition to colonize egyptwhich was then a province of the Ottoman Empire, thus protecting French commercial interests from the British.

From there he led the French army into Syria, Another area of ​​the Turkish Empire. An expeditionary force of 13,000 soldiers crossed the Sinai Peninsula and conquered several coastal cities. The attack on the city of Jaffa was brutal. The massacre ended when Bonaparte ordered the execution of 3,000 Turkish prisoners.

On July 15, 1815, Napoleon was imprisoned by the British and exiled to St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean. Surovikin visited the prison twice. The first was his intervention in the 1991 protests. The second is suspected arms sales.

crucial moment

For over 30 years, Surovikin’s career has been marred by allegations of corruption and brutality. Its rise has been rapid in recent months due to successful fighting in eastern Ukraine, Poor communication and cooperation affected the Russian invasion force.

His appointment coincides with Vladimir Putin’s recent humiliation. The Kerch Bridge is the main link between Russia and Crimea, stayed on saturday Severely damaged in a huge explosion.

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The explosion was first attributed to the explosion of a truck, which immediately led to a chain explosion of at least seven fuel tanks transported by the railroad. According to Russian authorities, the incident has so far resulted in three deaths.

Some Russians welcomed Surowykin’s appointment.Including Yevgeny Prigozhin, famous founder of Wagner Private Military Company.

A staunch critic of the military leadership, in his opinion “Surowykin is the most capable commander in the Russian army”. In a statement issued by Concord, a company associated with him, is “legendary” “He was born to serve his country faithfully”.



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